LGBT Organizations

This directory of LGBT organizations is being curated by Equaldex members. Organizations listed here offer services to LGBT people and include regional (by country, state, province, etc.) or global organizations. This is a growing list; please sign in or register to suggest an organization!

United States 71

  •  Louisiana Trans Advocates Favicon Louisiana Trans Advocates
    Louisiana Trans Advocates strengthens and supports transgender and allied communities across Louisiana through social support, education, empowerment, and advocacy in order to…
  • Alaskans Together For Equality FaviconAlaskans Together For Equality
    Alaskans Together for Equality (ATE) is Alaska
  • Anti Violence Project FaviconAnti Violence Project
    AVP empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and HIV-affected communities and allies to end all forms of violence through organizing and education, and supports…
  • BAGLY (Boston Alliance of GLBT Youth) FaviconBAGLY (Boston Alliance of GLBT Youth)
    The Boston Alliance of LGBTQ+ Youth (BAGLY) was formed in 1980 and is a youth-led, adult-supported organization committed to social justice, and creating, sustaining and…
  • Basic Rights Oregon FaviconBasic Rights Oregon
    Basic Rights Oregon aims to ensure that all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Oregonians experience equality by building a broad and inclusive politically powerful movement…
  • CenterLink FaviconCenterLink
    CenterLink exists to support the development of strong, sustainable LGBT community centers and to build a unified center movement.rnrnCenterLink was founded in 1994 as a…
    COLAGE unites people with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer parents into a network of peers and supports them as they nurture and empower each other to be…
  • Equality Alabama FaviconEquality Alabama
    Equality Alabama's mission is to advance equality for LGBTQ Alabamians where they live, work, learn and play through education and advocacy.
  • Equality Arizona FaviconEquality Arizona
    Equality Arizona's mission is to be the preeminent LGBTQ advocacy organization for the State of Arizona and to work collaboratively to establish a comprehensive network of…
  • Equality California FaviconEquality California
    Equality California is the largest statewide LGBT advocacy organization in California working to secure full and lasting equality for and acceptance of LGBT people.
  • Equality Federation FaviconEquality Federation
    Equality Federation is the movement builder and strategic partner to US state-based organizations advancing equality for LGBT people in the communities we call home.
  • Equality Florida FaviconEquality Florida
    Equality Florida is the largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida

Global 37

  • All Out FaviconAll Out
    All Out is mobilizing millions of people to build a world where no person will have to sacrifice their family or freedom, safety or dignity, because of who they are or who they…
  • Amnesty International FaviconAmnesty International
    Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of…
  • Bi Social Network FaviconBi Social Network
    Bi Social Network (BSN) is working with underserved diverse communities on poverty issues, teen homelessness, marginalized groups and the elderly. BSN is interested in the human…
  • Community Business FaviconCommunity Business
    Creator of Hong Kong and Asia's first Diversity and Inclusion Index, which is now done annually for corporates that are LGBTQ inclusive.
  • Diversity PRO FaviconDiversity PRO
    Diversity PRO is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) aimed at raising awareness to workplace Diversity & Inclusion, and promoting Diversity visibility and leadership.
  • Equaldex FaviconEqualdex
    Equaldex is a collaborative knowledge base for the LGBT movement. The site aims to crowdsource every law related to LGBT rights to provide a comprehensive and global view of the…
  • Freedom to Marry FaviconFreedom to Marry
    Freedom to Marry was launched in 2003 by Evan Wolfson, the civil rights attorney generally considered the architect of the national marriage equality movement. From a prophetic…
  • GayLawNet FaviconGayLawNet
    The #1 directory of LGBTQ attorneys worldwide. This is the oldest network on the internet for LGBTQ attorneys and legal insights.
  • Global Action for Trans Equality FaviconGlobal Action for Trans Equality
    GATE is a trans* network coordinator, facilitator and advocate to the
  • GRIN Campaign FaviconGRIN Campaign
    GRIN's mission is to unite globally and stand up to bullying. Especially bullying of those in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community. We want to…
  • ILGA Portugal FaviconILGA Portugal
    Fundada em 1995, a Associa
  • ILGA-Europe FaviconILGA-Europe
    ILGA-Europe is the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Intersex Association ILGA-Europe works for equality and human rights for lesbian, gay…

Greece 15

  • Athens Lesbian Group FaviconAthens Lesbian Group
    Focusing on lesbian rights and culture since 2000.
  • Athens Pride FaviconAthens Pride
    Athens Pride is a completely voluntary, non-profit company, operating under the Greek Civil Code since 2006. Its primary goal is the organization of the annual Athens Pride…
  • Colour Youth FaviconColour Youth
    Colour Youth is an LGBTQ group, which aims to create a strong community of young people, support its members and claim its rights!
  • Faros FaviconFaros
    The project aims to strengthen protection, monitoring and prevention mechanisms as well as combat hate crimes and homophobic, biphobic and transphobic discrimination and violence…
  • Faros FaviconFaros
    The project aims to strengthen protection, monitoring and prevention mechanisms as well as combat hate crimes and homophobic, biphobic and transphobic discrimination and violence…
  • Intersex Greece FaviconIntersex Greece
    Intersex Greece is a nationwide collective of intersex adults, parents of intersex children, supportive individuals and related professionals located in Greece. Intersex Greece…
  • Onassis Stegi FaviconOnassis Stegi
    The Onassis Foundation House (Stegi) is a cultural meeting place for theater, dance, music, visual arts and letters. The mission of the Onassis Stegi is the promotion of modern…
  • Orlando LGBT FaviconOrlando LGBT
    Focused on LGBTQI+ mental health and the stigma surrounding it
  • Positive Voice FaviconPositive Voice
    The Association aims to defend the rights of HIV-positive people, tackle the spread of HIV / AIDS, as well as limit its social and economic impact in Greece.
  • Rainbow Families Greece FaviconRainbow Families Greece
    Rainbow Families Greece is an NGO focusing on LGBTQI+ parents and their families as well as on parents of LGBTQI+ children.
  • Rainbow School FaviconRainbow School
  • Rainbow Seniors FaviconRainbow Seniors
    Communication with public and private bodies with the ultimate goal of creating a network of solidarity and support of the LGBTQI + community that will respond to the needs of…

United Kingdom 13

  • Affirmation Scotland FaviconAffirmation Scotland
    Affirmation Scotland is a network in The Church of Scotland of LGBT Christians, their friends and supporters.
  • akt Faviconakt
    akt supports lgbtq+ young people aged 16-25 in the uk who are facing or experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment.
  • AKT FaviconAKT
    Akt is a voluntiary organisation based in England.
  • Campaign for Homosexual Equality FaviconCampaign for Homosexual Equality
    The Campaign for Homosexual Equality is a democratic voluntary organization, founded in 1964 as the North Western Committee for Homosexual Law Reform. The organization aims to…
  • LGBT Foundation FaviconLGBT Foundation
    National charity based in manchester. With a history dating back nearly 40 years. Campaigning for a fair and equal society
  • LGBT Network FaviconLGBT Network
    The LGBT Network is a charity which campaigns and lobbies for policy change and equality for LGBTQ persons.
  • Mermaids FaviconMermaids
    Mermaids is a UK charity that provides support to transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse children and young people, as well as their families and professionals involved in…
  • OutRage! FaviconOutRage!
    OutRage! is a broad based group of queers committed to radical, non-violent direct action and civil disobedience to: ASSERT the dignity and human rights of queers; FIGHT…
  • Sparkle FaviconSparkle
    Sparkle - the national transgender charity based in the United Kingdom that is best known for organising the annual Sparkle Weekend in Manchester, which aims to celebrate the…
  • Stonewall FaviconStonewall
    Stonewall works to achieve equality and justice for lesbians, gay men and bisexual people by focusing on policy development, cultural and attitudinal change, lobbying for legal…
  • The Proud Trust LTD FaviconThe Proud Trust LTD
    The Proud Trust is an LGBT+ youth charity empowering young people to be proud of who they are. The Proud Trust delivers youth work and one-to-one support across Greater…
  • The Rainbow Project FaviconThe Rainbow Project
    The Rainbow Project is a non-profit organization based in Northern Ireland that promotes the health and wellbeing of the LGBT people and their families in Northern Ireland. The…

Canada 11

  • Egale Canada FaviconEgale Canada
    Egale Canada is Canada
  • Fondation Émergence FaviconFondation Émergence
    A non-profit organization that aims to fight against homophobia and transphobia in Quebec, protect LGBT rights as well as inform the public of LGBT issues. They offer programs to…
  • GRIS-Québec FaviconGRIS-Québec
    Organization based in Quebec City aiming to educate people about LGBT issues and offer safe spaces for LGBT and questioning people.
  • Health Initiative for Men (HIM) FaviconHealth Initiative for Men (HIM)
    With five health centres throughout the Lower Mainland, Health Initiative for Men is a non-profit society that aims to strengthen the health and well-being of gay men. We offer…
  • LGBT Pride Centre of Edmonton FaviconLGBT Pride Centre of Edmonton
    The Pride Centre of Edmonton is a registered charity that was incorporated in August of 2004 (although other incarnations of the Centre have existed since at least 1974.) The…
  • Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project FaviconNova Scotia Rainbow Action Project
    The Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project (NSRAP) seeks equity, justice, and human rights for 2SLGBTQIA+ people in Nova Scotia. NSRAP seeks to create change in our communities and…
  • OUTSaskatoon FaviconOUTSaskatoon
    OUTSaskatoon builds community for LGBTQ2S+ people of all ages and backgrounds. We provide peer support and counselling, queer-specific education and resources, outreach, social…
  • PFLAG Canada FaviconPFLAG Canada
    Pflag Canada is a national charitable organization, founded by parents who wished to help themselves and their family members understand and accept their LGBTQ2S children. The…
  • PFLAG Vancouver FaviconPFLAG Vancouver
    We provide support for all family members and friends. We work to create an environment of understanding so our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender children can live with…
  • Qmunity FaviconQmunity
    QMUNITY is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC that works to improve queer, trans, and Two-Spirit lives. We provide a safer space for LGBTQ/2S people and their…
  • Rainbow Resource  FaviconRainbow Resource

Poland 10

  • Campaign Against Homophobia FaviconCampaign Against Homophobia
    Campaign Against Homophobia (actual name: Kampania Przeciw Homofobii, abbreviation: KPH) is a Polish gay rights organisation, which aims to promote legal and social equality for…
  • Grupa Stonewall FaviconGrupa Stonewall
    The Stonewall Group was founded on 22 May 2015. We are an LGBT+ organization based in the Wielkopolska region. Our association is for people who support equal rights for…
  • Kampania Przeciw Homofobii FaviconKampania Przeciw Homofobii
  • Kultura Równości FaviconKultura Równości
  • Lambda Groups Association FaviconLambda Groups Association
    Lambda Groups Association was a first officially registered LGBT movement organization in Poland, that operated from 1990 to 1997. It was established by members of three…
  • Lambda Warszawa FaviconLambda Warszawa
    Lambda Warszawa has been active in supporting and creating a space necessary to create a positive identity of the LGBTQI+ community in Poland since 1997. Our mission is to offer…
  • Love Does Not Exclude Association FaviconLove Does Not Exclude Association
  • Stop Bullshit FaviconStop Bullshit
    Stop Bullshit (Polish: Stop Bzdurom) was a queer anarchist collective in Warsaw with the goal of fighting homophobia and transphobia, founded in May 2019 by Małgorzata "Margot"…
  • Stowarzyszenie Miłość Nie Wyklucza FaviconStowarzyszenie Miłość Nie Wyklucza
  • Trans-Fuzja  FaviconTrans-Fuzja
    Trans-Fuzja is an LGBTQ+ rights organisation that works to improve the living conditions of transgender people in Poland and support them and their relatives through the…

Germany 9

  • Bundesverband Trans* e.V. FaviconBundesverband Trans* e.V.
    The Bundesverband Trans* (BVT*) sees itself as an association of individuals, groups, clubs, associations and initiatives at regional, state and national level. The common…
  • CSD Deutschland e.V. FaviconCSD Deutschland e.V.
    CSD Deutschland e.V. sees itself as an umbrella organization of all German Christopher Street Day - organizing associations, initiatives and projects, whose members form a…
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transidentität und Intersexualität e.V. FaviconDeutsche Gesellschaft für Transidentität und Intersexualität e.V.
    The dgti (German Association for Transidentity and Intersexuality) is an association representing transgender, intersex and non-binary people. It is well known for issuing an…
  • Jugendnetzwerk Lambda FaviconJugendnetzwerk Lambda
    Jugendnetzwerk Lambda (Youth Network Lambda) is a nationwide youth association for lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, trans*, non-binary, inter* and queer youth in Germany. In…
  • Lesben- und Schwulenverband in Deutschland FaviconLesben- und Schwulenverband in Deutschland
    Biggest LGBT-NGO in Germany
  • Maneo - Mann-O-Meter FaviconManeo - Mann-O-Meter
    MANEO is the most experienced and best-known gay anti-violence-project in Germany. The staff gives advice to more than 300 victims of violence annually, records anti-gay acts of…

Australia 9

  • PFLAG Australia FaviconPFLAG Australia
    PFLAG promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons, their families & friends through:
    • support, to cope with…
  • Queensland Council for LGBTI Health FaviconQueensland Council for LGBTI Health
    Formerly Queensland AIDS Council, rebranding in progress. Foremost LGBGI advocate group in Queensland. Runs a major clinic and gender service in Tenerife, a suburb of Brisbane.
  • Queensland Council for LGBTI Health FaviconQueensland Council for LGBTI Health
    Queensland Council for LGBTI Health enable lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people to increase control over and improve their health, as a resource for social…
  • Rainbow Rights WA FaviconRainbow Rights WA
    Rainbow Rights WA is an organisation formed as a result of a PrideWA and Equal Opportunity Commission human rights forum in 2015. Our Vision: Freedom to be and to love. Our…
  • Revounts FaviconRevounts
    Getting bored? Why not explore Catch store? Grab fantastic deals on your favorite items! Catch store is the Aussie
  • Switchboard Victoria FaviconSwitchboard Victoria
    Switchboard Victoria is a community-based not for profit organisation that provides a peer based, volunteer run support service for LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender…

Germany 9

  • Trans-Ident e.V. FaviconTrans-Ident e.V.
    Trans-Ident e.V. is a non-profit association that has set itself the goal of supporting and caring for transident people and their relatives as well as being the association of…
  • Trans-Kinder-Netz e.V. FaviconTrans-Kinder-Netz e.V.
    The Trans-Kinder-Netz e.V. or TRAKINE e.V. (Trans Children’s Network) is a non-profit organization that provides support and resources for transgender children and their…

Australia 9

  • TransGender Victoria FaviconTransGender Victoria
    TransGender Victoria's objective is to achieve justice, equity & quality health & community service provision for trans* people, their partners, families & friends.

Germany 9

  • TransMann e.V. FaviconTransMann e.V.
    Transmann e.V. is a German non-profit organization that provides support and resources for transgender men. The organization aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for…

Australia 9

  • Twenty10 FaviconTwenty10
    A Sydney based service working across New South Wales, providing a broad range of specialised services for young people 12-25 including housing, mental health, counselling and…
  • Victorian Pride Centre FaviconVictorian Pride Centre
    The Victorian Pride Centre will showcase Victoria

New Zealand 8

  • Curious FaviconCurious
    Curious is a hub for queer and trans* youth in Aotearoa New Zealand. Run by youth, for youth, Curious aims to support queer and trans* youth, and give us a place to connect with…
  • Day of Silence NZ Campaign FaviconDay of Silence NZ Campaign
    The Day of Silence Campaign is a non-violent protest for high school aged students, which aims to draw attention to the silencing effect on youth due to homophobic and…
  • GayNZ FaviconGayNZ
    A New Zealand wide network which aims to connect LGBT+ people around the country, and databases regional QSAs and social groups, as well as events.
  • Intersex Awareness New Zealand (ITANZ) FaviconIntersex Awareness New Zealand (ITANZ)
    ITANZ is a New Zealand registered charitable trust and provides information, education and training for organisations and professionals who provide services to intersex people…
  • Out On The Shelves FaviconOut On The Shelves
    InsideOUT works to give rainbow young people in Aotearoa New Zealand a sense of safety and belonging in their schools and communities. We are a national charity providing…
  • QSA Network Aotearoa FaviconQSA Network Aotearoa
    QSA Network Aotearoa is a youth leadership organisation that connects school-based Queer-Straight Alliances (QSAs) to each other and community resources through peer support…
  • Rainbow Tick FaviconRainbow Tick
    Rainbow Tick is a certification mark for organisations that complete a Diversity & Inclusion assessment process. The certification process tests whether a workplace understands…
  • Rainbow Youth FaviconRainbow Youth
    Rainbow Youth is a charitable organisation providing support, information, advocacy and education for queer and trans* young people (aged between 13 and 28), their friends and…

Nepal 6

  • Blue Diamond Society FaviconBlue Diamond Society
    The Blue Diamond Society is a Nepal LGBT rights organization that was founded in 2001. The organization works for sexual and gender minority
  • Body and data FaviconBody and data
    Body & Data is focused on issues of women and queer in internet; creating a free, open and just Internet that respects autonomy of individuals that upholds their dignity.
  • Inclusive Forum Nepal FaviconInclusive Forum Nepal
    Inclusive Forum Nepal is an organization working for Lesbian,Bisexual and Transgender Women in Nepal.

Switzerland 6

Nepal 6

  • Mitini Nepal FaviconMitini Nepal
    Mitini Nepal is a Registered LBTI Non-Government Organization that works for LGBTQI Civil and Human Rights in Nepal. It is women-led, and offers Crisis Support, Tolerance and…
  • Newa Queer FaviconNewa Queer
    Working on Queer / MOGAI population of Newa civilization.

Switzerland 6

  • Pink Cross FaviconPink Cross
    Pink Cross is the national umbrella organization of gay and bisexual men in Switzerland and represents their interests in all four language regions. Their goal is the recognition…
  • Queeramnesty FaviconQueeramnesty
    Queeramnesty works as part of Amnesty Switzerland specifically on the topic of "Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Development". The group successfully advocates for…

Nepal 6

  • Sahaayam Nepal FaviconSahaayam Nepal
    Sahaayam Nepal works in the sector of comprehensive sexuality education ensuring the rights and issues of queer people included in the mainstream. Sahaayam Nepal is a part of…

Switzerland 6

  • TGNS - Transgender Network Switzerland FaviconTGNS - Transgender Network Switzerland
    TGNS aims to represent the interests and networking of individual trans people, their local groups and organizations on a national level. To this end, we are also happy to assist…
  • The Swiss Rainbow Families Association FaviconThe Swiss Rainbow Families Association
    The Swiss Rainbow Families Association champions the concerns and interests of rainbow families at the federal level. It is the primary contact for all questions related to the…

Spain 5

  • Federación Estatal LGTBI+ FaviconFederación Estatal LGTBI+
    Federación Estatal LGTBI+ (LGBTI+ State Federation) is an organisation in Spain, they help against LGBT discrimination, and protect LGBT rights and Human Rights in Spain.
  • Fraternidad Gay sin Fronteras FaviconFraternidad Gay sin Fronteras
    NGO pro Human Rights for GBLTI and HIV communities
  • Hegoak FaviconHegoak
    Hegoak is a non-profit association focused on deepening the freedom of expression and sexual-affective life from a progressive and transforming viewpoint. It is based in Bilbao…
  • Kif-Kif FaviconKif-Kif
    The organization is the only one that advocates for LGBT rights for Morocco
  • Lambda FaviconLambda
    Lambda is an organization made for LGBTQ+ people in Valencia, it's the main organization for activism and a safe space for everyone, it has diverse age groups, from youth to…

Brazil 4

  • Alian FaviconAlian
  • ANTRA FaviconANTRA
    ANTRA - Associação Nacional de Travestis e Transsexuais (in English, National Association of Transsexuals and Transgenders) is an association which fights for the LGBTQ+…
  • ANTRA FaviconANTRA
    ANTRA - Associação Nacional de Travestis e Transsexuais (in English: National Association of Transgenders and Transsexuals) is a Brazilian association focusing on LGBTQ+…
  • Associa FaviconAssocia
    The Brazilian Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transvestite and Transexual Association

Costa Rica 4

  • Costa Rica LGBTIQ Chamber of Commerce FaviconCosta Rica LGBTIQ Chamber of Commerce
    The Costa Rica Diverse Chamber of Commerce were established in 2015 y Julio Cesar Calvo President and Founder. He is in the tourism business with his Travel Agency…

Bulgaria 4

  • Deystvie FaviconDeystvie
    Deystvie is an organization dedicated to bringing change to the lives of LGBTI people in Bulgaria. Our vision is to accomplish full rights recognized by the law, and to gain full…
  • GLAS - Gays and Lesbians Accepted in Society FaviconGLAS - Gays and Lesbians Accepted in Society
    GLAS /Gays and Lesbians Accepted in Society/ is a non-governmental organization which aims to deliver positive change for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in…

Costa Rica 4

  • Irca Casa Abierta FaviconIrca Casa Abierta
    Eng: Focused on migratory assistance & the establishment process on the country, for LGBTQIA people who has left their original country for this…

Bulgaria 4

  • Resource Centre - Bilitis Foundation FaviconResource Centre - Bilitis Foundation
    Bilitis began its activity as a self-support group of lesbian and bisexual women in 2004. Today, Bilitis advocates actively for eliminating all forms of discrimination and…

Costa Rica 4

  • Siwo Alâr Hombres Trans CR FaviconSiwo Alâr Hombres Trans CR
    Organización activista, de apoyo mutuo y lucha de los derechos de hombres trans y personas transmasculinas.
  • Transvida FaviconTransvida
    Eng: NGO that advocates for the rights of transsexual people, that has made a voice for the approval of relevant laws of gender identity; focused…

Bulgaria 4

Turkey 3

  • 17 Mayıs Derneği (May 17 Association) Favicon17 Mayıs Derneği (May 17 Association)
    Who We Are? Founded on September 2, 2019 in Ankara, May 17 aims to strengthen the LGBTI+ community and its activism. Be it on a societal or an individual level, we fight…

Argentina 3

Philippines 3

  • Bisdak Pride, Inc. FaviconBisdak Pride, Inc.
    Established since 2005, Bisdak Pride, Inc. (BPI) is a product of the First Visayas-Mindanao LGBTQ Leadership Conference entitled,

Zimbabwe 3

Argentina 3

Zimbabwe 3

  • GALZ FaviconGALZ
    Galz is a Zimbabwe LGBTQ+ organization protecting, promoting and representing the rights and freedoms of LGBTI people.

Kenya 3

  • Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK)  FaviconGay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK)
    The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK) is focused on promoting recognition, acceptance and defend the interests and rights of LGBTI organizations and their members…

India 3

  • Goa Rainbow Trust FaviconGoa Rainbow Trust
    Goa Rainbow Trust was legally established on October 31, 2018. However, Chris Fernandes, who is the CEO and Founder, began having meetings back in 2013 under the name Goa Rainbow…

Hungary 3

Kenya 3

  • Ishtar MSM FaviconIshtar MSM
    Ishtar MSM is a Community Based Organization in Kenya who aimed at attaining full sexual health rights and social well being for Men who have sex with men (MSM) in Kenya.

Turkey 3

  • Kirmizi Semsiye FaviconKirmizi Semsiye
    K?rm?z? ?emsiye (Red Umbrella) is a non-governmental Turkey association for sexual health and human rights.

Hungary 3

  • Labrisz Lesbian Association FaviconLabrisz Lesbian Association
    Labrisz Lesbian Association was founded in 1999 in Budapest, Hungary. Its purpose is making the lives and issues of lesbian, bisexual and transgender women more visible, along…

Jordan 3

  • LGBT Jordan FaviconLGBT Jordan
    Informal LGBT group advocate for LGBT rights in Jordan.

Philippines 3

  • Metro Manila Pride FaviconMetro Manila Pride
    Metro Manila Pride's aim is to create safe, informative, educational, affirming, intersectional, and empowering spaces for LGBTQIA+ Filipinos. We work towards a future that…

Jordan 3

  • MyKali Magazine  FaviconMyKali Magazine
    Online social-conceptual MENA webzine, covers issues of LGBT+, sexuality & gender

India 3

  • Naz Foundation (India) Trust FaviconNaz Foundation (India) Trust
    The Naz Foundation (India) Trust is an organization based in New Delhi, India working on HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health. The organization focuses on reaching out to populations…

Argentina 3

  • Nuestro Mundo FaviconNuestro Mundo
    Grupo Nuestro Mundo fue "el primer intento de organizaci

Hungary 3

Jordan 3

  • Rainbow Street FaviconRainbow Street
    Rainbow Street is a Jordanian-American organization that is a lifeline for exceptionally vulnerable LGBT refugees in the Middle East and North Africa. Rainbow Street works with…

India 3

  • Shamakami FaviconShamakami
    It is the only registered organization working in the state of Meghalaya, with a rights based approach with a vision to deliver equal rights and dignity to the LGBT community.…

Zimbabwe 3

  • The Gays And Lesbians of Zimbabwe FaviconThe Gays And Lesbians of Zimbabwe
    An LGBT resource which was one of the first organizations that started HIV/Aids awareness campaigns in Zimbabwe. today, it remains unique in that it is the only organization in…

Kenya 3

  • Transgender Education & Advocacy (TEA) FaviconTransgender Education & Advocacy (TEA)
    A Kenyan organization aimed at promoting awareness and creating an appropriate environment for the well-being of all transgender and intersex individuals in Kenya.

Philippines 3

  • TransMan Pilipinas FaviconTransMan Pilipinas
    TransMan Piilipinas is a group for transgender men in the Philippines. It is a safe place to express yourself, opinion and experiences regarding your transition/pre…

Turkey 3

Cyprus 2

Colombia 2

  • Amigos del Mundo Diverso FaviconAmigos del Mundo Diverso
    NGO Entity that defends the recognition of rights for the sexual diversity and gender indentity.

Indonesia 2

Lebanon 2

Colombia 2

  • Colombia Diversa FaviconColombia Diversa
    Founded in 2004, Colombia Diversa is the leading LGBT human rights organization in Colombia. Colombia Diversa focuses on three main areas: 1. Advancing the human and legal…

Estonia 2

  • Eesti LGBT  FaviconEesti LGBT
    The Estonian LGBT Association is a non-profit organization for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi, trans) people. The mission of the Estonian LGBT Association, as a representative of the…

Georgia 2

  • Equality FaviconEquality
    Equality (Tanastsoroba) has helped many LGBTQ+ people in Georgia. They are spreading awareness about LGBTQ+ in Georgia and protect their rights.

Japan 2

  • Fukuoka Rainbow Educational Network FaviconFukuoka Rainbow Educational Network
    FRENS is based in Fukuoka, where it runs regular local activities to support LGBT youth, their families and acquaintances. It also provides telephone consultation. Callers can…

South Africa 2

  • GALA FaviconGALA
    From their website: GALA is the custodian of over 200 organisational and personal archival collections dating back to the 1940s, with archival responsibilities that include the…

Estonia 2

  • Geikristlaste Kogu FaviconGeikristlaste Kogu
    Geikristlaste Kogu is a religiously and politically independent non-governmental organization of gay and lesbian Christians working for equal treatment and opportunities for…

Ireland 2

  • GLEN; Gay And Lesbian Equality Network FaviconGLEN; Gay And Lesbian Equality Network
    GLEN's vision for equality, as articulated in the Building Sustainable Change programme is that of full participation by lesbian, gay and bisexual people in all aspects of life…

Lebanon 2

  • Helem FaviconHelem
    Queer activist in the middle-east

Hong Kong 2

  • HK GALA FaviconHK GALA
    The Hong Kong LGBT+ Attorneys (HKGALA) Network was founded in 2013 by a group of attorneys (Wally Suphap, Marc Rubinstein and Mike Kung) as the first network for gay, lesbian…

South Africa 2

  • IAM FaviconIAM
    IAM works toward the full recognition, celebration and participation of LGBTIQ+ people in faith communities.

Georgia 2

  • Identoba FaviconIdentoba
    Identoba is a Georgian gender equality and LGBT rights organization. Identoba is one the largest LGBT rights NGOs in the country.

Israel 2

Ghana 2

Tunisia 2

  • Mawjoudin We Exist FaviconMawjoudin We Exist
    Mawjoudin was founded in 2014 by a group of young activists, feminists and LGB persons, who have been working together in other activist groups. We were alarmed by the situation…

Hong Kong 2

  • Pink Alliance FaviconPink Alliance
    Pink Alliance is a non-profit organisation involved in gay rights advocacy and campaigning.

Japan 2

  • ReBit FaviconReBit
    Aiming for a society where all children, including LGBTQ, can grow up as they are, ReBit conducts school visits and curriculum development. The group teaches not only students…

Uganda 2

  • Sexual Minorities Uganda FaviconSexual Minorities Uganda
    Sexual Minorities Uganda [SM-UG] is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that works towards achieving full legal and social equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual…

Tunisia 2

  • Shams FaviconShams
    The fight against homophobia and launch a social debate on homosexuality.

Taiwan 2

  • Taiwan LGBT Family Rights Advocacy FaviconTaiwan LGBT Family Rights Advocacy
    Who We Are In 2005, the Taiwan LGBTQ Family Rights Advocacy began as a MSN Community of Lesbian Mothers. The group was primarily focused on the children of lesbian mothers…
  • Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association FaviconTaiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association
    The Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association is a organization that provides peer counseling and support for people, with a focus on the LGBT community.

Ireland 2

  • TENI; Transgender Equality Network Ireland FaviconTENI; Transgender Equality Network Ireland
    Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) seeks to improve conditions and advance the rights and equality of trans* people and their families. Despite significant progress in…

Uganda 2

  • The Youth Empowerment Foundation-TYEF FaviconThe Youth Empowerment Foundation-TYEF
    The youth Empowerment Foundation (TYEF) is a Non- Governmental Organization that was formed in 2009, and not yet registered. TYEF was started with the mandate of Capacity…

Mexico 2

Ghana 2

  • Western Equality Zone Foundation  FaviconWestern Equality Zone Foundation
    SERVICES WEZ provide a safe place where the LGBT community members can be themselves, have fun, meet new people, make new friends and partake in all activities. We render…

Mexico 2

  • Yaaj FaviconYaaj
    LGBTQ support group for LGBTQ youth in Mexico

Indonesia 2

  • Yayasan GAYa NUSANTARA  FaviconYayasan GAYa NUSANTARA
    GAYa NUSANTARA is an organization in Indonesia that is open and proud of its identity and does not question the diversity of sex, gender and sexuality as well as other…

Palestine 1

  • Al-Qaws FaviconAl-Qaws
    An LGBTQ+ organization dedicated for LGBTQ+ people in Gaza strip in Palestine and the West Bank in Jerusalem

Italy 1

  • Arcigay FaviconArcigay
    Arcigay is a non-profit organization which operates throughout Italy through local committees, clubs and associations promoting and protecting the right to equality.

Barbados 1

China 1

  • Beijing LGBT Center FaviconBeijing LGBT Center
    The Beijing LGBT Center is a non-profit organization aimed at empowering China's LGBT community. The community-based organization is focused on providing resources for LGBT…

Bangladesh 1

  • Boys of Bangladesh FaviconBoys of Bangladesh
    Boys of Bangladesh (BoB), is the largest network of self-identified Bangladeshi gay men. It is a non-registered, non-funded and non-formal group run by a pull of dedicated…

Myanmar 1

  • CAN-Myanmar FaviconCAN-Myanmar
    Civil Authorize Negotiate Organization (C.A.N-Myanmar) is an LGBTIQ people-led a Non-Governmental Organization established on May 10, 2011, in Mandalay for Myanmar Society…

Trinidad and Tobago 1

Cayman Islands 1

  • Colours Cayman FaviconColours Cayman
    Colours Cayman is the first legally recognized LGBTQ+ NPO in Cayman

Serbia 1

  • Da se zna! FaviconDa se zna!
    Dasezna provides support for LGBT+ people through improving the efficiency of the protection system and advocating for an appropriate response from the competent authorities.

Sri Lanka 1

  • Equal Ground FaviconEqual Ground
    EQUAL GROUND is a nonprofit organisation seeking human and political rights for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning (LGBTIQ) community of Sri Lanka.…

Sudan 1

  • Freedom Sudan FaviconFreedom Sudan
    Freedom Sudan is the only LGBT organization in Sudan. Freedom Sudan was formed in secret and all activities are carried out secretly.

Norway 1

Vietnam 1

  • Hanoi Queer  FaviconHanoi Queer
    Hanoi Queer connects and promotes the culture of the LGBTQ community, while raising awareness and changing social attitudes towards LGBTQ people in Vietnam.

Rwanda 1

  • Human Rights First Rwanda Association FaviconHuman Rights First Rwanda Association
    The Human Rights First Rwanda Association (HRFRA) is an organization aimed at promoting social justice and human rights education, provide legal assistance to poor and vulnerable…

Ukraine 1

  • Insight FaviconInsight
    Insight is a Ukrainian public organization, that is committed to equal rights, freedom, inclusiveness, and diversity for all social groups.

Iraq 1

  • IraQueer FaviconIraQueer
    An LGBT Resource for people in Iraq.

Democratic Republic of the Congo 1

  • Jeunialissime  FaviconJeunialissime
    Jeunailissime is an LGBTIQ + association of young Congolese and Congolese who works on social inclusion.

Jamaica 1

  • JFLAG FaviconJFLAG
    J-FLAG is the first human rights organisation in the history of Jamaica to serve the needs of LGBT peoples and over time it became the first port of call for the media, resulting…

Czech Republic 1

  • Jsme fér  FaviconJsme fér
    Organisation "jsme fér" translated as "we are fair" supports the initiative of "manželství pro všechny" translated as marriage for everyone. They fight for the right to…

Belarus 1

Slovenia 1

  • Legebitra FaviconLegebitra
    By continuously providing accessible, confidential and professional services, we enable support and empowerment to individuals, LGBT communities, and people living with hiv.…

Mongolia 1

Denmark 1

  • LGBT Danmark FaviconLGBT Danmark
    LGBT Danmark is a national association for LGBT people focused on the areas of gender identity and sexual orientation. The organization's efforts are focused on political work…

Kyrgyzstan 1

  • LGBT Organization Labrys Kyrgyzstan FaviconLGBT Organization Labrys Kyrgyzstan
    Labrys is committed to improving the situation of Lesbians, Bisexual women, Gay men and Transgender people in Kyrgyzstan through empowering LGBT themselves and working with…

Azerbaijan 1

Tanzania 1

  • LGBT Voice Tanzania FaviconLGBT Voice Tanzania
    The mission of LGBT VOICE is to promote, support, defend and protect the interests and the general well-being of Gay, Lesbians, bisexual and Transgender people in Tanzania

Seychelles 1

  • LGBTI Sey FaviconLGBTI Sey
    Our vision for Seychelles is to be a country where all people are accepted and affirmed, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity

Lithuania 1

  • LGL FaviconLGL
    National LGBTQ+ rights organization.

Thailand 1

  • Love Foundation FaviconLove Foundation
    The Love Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Bangkok and Chiang Mai that campaigns for LGBT equality in Thailand and sexual health awareness. Through partnerships…

Malta 1

  • MGRM - The Malta Gay Rights Movement FaviconMGRM - The Malta Gay Rights Movement
    The Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM) was set up in June of 2001. It is run by a committee of volunteers that is elected annually at a statutory annual general meeting. Missi…

Belgium 1

Guatemala 1

  • OASIS FaviconOASIS
    OASIS promotes and defends lgbt rights in Guatemala since 1993

Singapore 1

  • People Like Us FaviconPeople Like Us
    People Like Us is a Singapore LGBT group focused on advocacy and public education. It is an informal group since the Registrar of Societies refused to grant registration in 1997…

Armenia 1

  • PINK Armenia FaviconPINK Armenia
    PINK (Public Information and Need of Knowledge) Armenia is a group of civil rights activists to promote the idea of safe sex and protection of human rights. The organization…

Laos 1

  • Proud To Be Us Laos FaviconProud To Be Us Laos
    Proud To Be Us Laos is the country's first LGBTQ organization. Their main goals are: 1. Support people with sexual and gender diversity (LGBTIQ) to participate in national…

Slovakia 1

  • Queer leaders forum FaviconQueer leaders forum
    Queer Leaders Forum (QLF) is a civic association, established from the initiative of the First Lesbian Association Museion, by the creation, followed up by the transformation of…

Bhutan 1

Austria 1

  • Rainbow Campaign FaviconRainbow Campaign
    Rainbow Campaign's mission is to harmonize the LGBT community behind projects, causes, and campaigns that make individual and group dreams come true. We believe that by…

Macau 1

South Sudan 1

  • Rainbow South Sudan  FaviconRainbow South Sudan
    An LGBT organization been founded by young LGBT members living within South Sudan

Portugal 1

Russia 1

  • Russian LGBT Network FaviconRussian LGBT Network
    Russian LGBT Network is a conglomerate of LGBTQ+ related human rights organizations all across Russia. It was formed by "Sphere", a St. Petersburg-based NGO, in 2006. https://en…

Iceland 1

South Korea 1

Paraguay 1

    SOMOSGAY is an organization born in Paraguay, one of the most homophobic and unequal countries in Latin America. Their purpose is to contribute to HIV care, innovate with…

Saint Kitts and Nevis 1

North Macedonia 1

  • Subversive Front FaviconSubversive Front
    Promotion of a critical, creative, queer, non-patriarchal approach to gender and sexuality through a variety of public, educational, institutional actions and debates that will…

Morocco 1

  • Trans Dynamics FaviconTrans Dynamics
    Trans Dynamics (TD) is an unregistered organization by and for Trans people. TD is the only trans-specific organization based in Morocco. TD fight all forms of discrimination…

Belize 1

    UNIBAM is the oldest and only LGBT led policy and advocacy non-governmental organization in Belize. Its broad theme of focus is health and human rights. Its mission is to be an…

Venezuela 1

    Union Afirmativa (UNAF) works for rrcognition and legal protection to ssme sex couples in Venezuela and promotes knowledge and implementation in the country of international…

Vanuatu 1

  • VPride FaviconVPride
    VPride Foundation is a community based group that helps educate, advocate and mobilize LGBTIQ+ people and SWs in Vanuatu.

Sierra Leone 1

Pakistan 1

Croatia 1

  • Zagreb Pride Organization FaviconZagreb Pride Organization
    Zagreb Pride Organization is the organization that runs Zagreb Pride, the LGBT pride march in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.