Western Equality Zone Foundation

Western Equality Zone Foundation

WEZ provide a safe place where the LGBT community members can be themselves, have fun, meet new people, make new friends and partake in all activities. We render services such as;
i. Anti-Retroviral (ART) and PrEP initiation ii. STI / STD Testing and Treatments
iii. LGBT Peer counseling & Sexual Health Advice
iv. Human Rights Advocacy & Information on LGBT+ rights education
v. Emergency Support fund & Empowerment Support vi. Educational Support for LGBT community members
vii. Tackling discrimination, Violence, Stigma & Hate Crime reports viii. Health & Nutrition
ix. Drug addicts sensitization program & counseling on socio-economic issues, the organization;
i. Mobilizes resources and provides entrepreneurial opportunities, and support to the vulnerable and the less privileged in society.
ii. Strengthen partnerships and monitor the progress of LGBT members Living with HIV / AIDS
iii. Help creates a safe environment and Psycho-Social support for LGBT members living with HIV.
The organization thus is benched on empowering the LGBT community through nurturing and education. It seeks to be the beacon of hope for the marginalized and the minority in society.

Location: Ghana

Founded: 2020

Official Website:  Favicon

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