Resource Centre - Bilitis Foundation

Resource Centre - Bilitis Foundation

Bilitis began its activity as a self-support group of lesbian and bisexual women in 2004. Today, Bilitis advocates actively for eliminating all forms of discrimination and achieving full equality of LGBTI persons in Bulgaria.

For achieving of its mission Bilitis:

- Works to improve the legal framework and change policies in partnership with other NGOs, activists, political allies, donors, institutions and citizens;

- At the grassroots level works to activate, empower and involve LGBTI people, and to strengthen the LGBTI movement;

- At the level of wider society, Bilitis disseminates the values of intersectional feminism and works to overcome the heteronormative structures, including gender stereotypes.

Bilitis is a women-led, lesbian-feminist organization. We involve volunteers and staff members, who share the feminist values. Our approach takes into account the interconnectedness between gender, race, class, sexual orientation, gender expression, ethnicity, religion, disability, and other factors, which contribute to the social status of the individual. We work to counterbalance the hetero-partiarchal norms, creating inequalities based on gender, restricting people into the binary gender norms for male and female, and thus fueling homophobia and transphobia.

Location: Sofia-Grad

Founded: 2004

Official Website:  Favicon