LGBT Pride Centre of Edmonton

LGBT Pride Centre of Edmonton

The Pride Centre of Edmonton is a registered charity that was incorporated in August of 2004 (although other incarnations of the Centre have existed since at least 1974.)

The Pride Centre of Edmonton is a not-for-profit resource and community centre for the LGBT*TQ Community of Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

Our charitable mandate is:
To coordinate and provide health care and social support services for LGBT*TQ persons, their families, and their communities;

To educate the public by offering educational programs and seminars related to LGBT*TQ issues in the general community and by collecting and disseminating information on the topic to the general community; and

To operate a community centre to be used for programs for the benefit of LGBT*TQ persons, their families and the general community.

The Pride Centre of Edmonton provides a non-judgemental, welcoming space where people of all sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions can be themselves, find support, meet new people, and be a part of a caring community. We seek to create an environment where all members of the LGBT*TQ community can feel safe and accepted.

The Pride Centre fulfills the important role of being a primary point of contact for people who are seeking information about the diversity of sexual and gender orientations/identities and for those who are looking for a welcoming place of acceptance. We offer support and resources for members of the LGBT*TQ community and for their families and friends.

We organize programs such as support groups, social events, and educational seminars to help improve the social, mental, and physical health of our community.

Services are available for Youth, Adults, Older Adults, Families, Allies and the General Public

Location: Alberta

Founded: 2004

Official Website:  Favicon

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