Athens Pride

Athens Pride

Athens Pride is a completely voluntary, non-profit company, operating under the Greek Civil Code since 2006. Its primary goal is the organization of the annual Athens Pride Festival and the Pride Parade. In addition, Athens Pride holds cultural, social and political events throughout the year, either on its own or in collaboration with other organizations.
The purpose of Athens Pride is to maximize the visibility of LGBT people in Greek society, and in this way to promote and develop their rights and claims. Athens Pride, through its Volunteer Program, contributes to the awareness and support of LGBT youth.
Athens Pride provides a free public platform for all LGBTQI community organizations, with the aim of promoting their goals, actions and specific demands. The platform also includes human rights and civil society NGOs, political parties and affiliated cultural groups. Athens Pride also hosts health organizations that offer vital information, as well as free on-site testing for HIV and other STDs.

Location: Greece

Founded: 2005

Official Website:  Favicon

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