Bisdak Pride, Inc.

Bisdak Pride, Inc.

Established since 2005, Bisdak Pride, Inc. (BPI) is a product of the First Visayas-Mindanao LGBTQ Leadership Conference entitled, “In The Pink of Health” funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy held in Davao City on September 25-27, 2005.


1. Queer Politics: ADVANCING POLITICAL PARTICIPATION THROUGH A RIGHTS-BASED APPROACH. Rights and Responsibilities of LGBTs are discussed and helping them in their organizing efforts linked to their sexuality are given due importance in order for them to deal and view their political life and participation effective in community affairs.

2. Queer Health: PROMOTING HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS. Issues and concerns on matters related to health in particular the prevention of STI/STDs and HIV/AIDS are prioritized. Common health problems that LGBTs faced and how to cope with these diseases and illnesses are provided through educational discussions as a preventive measure, primarily. Referral to friendly clinics and medical practitioners are also practiced especially to those who are incapable of medical support.

3. Queer Religion: UNDERSTANDING RELIGION AND SEXUALITY. It is an effective instrument in countering the attack of the “moralists”. Provided primary to focus group discussions, forums, discernments and Bible in context activities to LGBTs.

4. Queer Culture: PROMOTION OF CULTURE AND ARTS. Aimed at popularizing the culture and the arts to the general public wherein the LGBT community is known to excel.

Location: Philippines

Founded: 2005

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