LGBT Organizations in Spain

A list of LGBT organizations and groups in Spain.

  • Federación Estatal LGTBI+ FaviconFederación Estatal LGTBI+
    Federación Estatal LGTBI+ (LGBTI+ State Federation) is an organisation in Spain, they help against LGBT discrimination, and protect LGBT rights and Human Rights in Spain.
  • Fraternidad Gay sin Fronteras FaviconFraternidad Gay sin Fronteras
    NGO pro Human Rights for GBLTI and HIV communities
  • Hegoak FaviconHegoak
    Hegoak is a non-profit association focused on deepening the freedom of expression and sexual-affective life from a progressive and transforming viewpoint. It is based in Bilbao…
  • Kif-Kif FaviconKif-Kif
    The organization is the only one that advocates for LGBT rights for Morocco

Valencia 1

  • Lambda FaviconLambda
    Lambda is an organization made for LGBTQ+ people in Valencia, it's the main organization for activism and a safe space for everyone, it has diverse age groups, from youth to…