LGBT Organizations in Serbia

A list of LGBT organizations and groups in Serbia.

  • Asocijacija Duga FaviconAsocijacija Duga
    Providing support to the LGBT population, young people and people in institutional accommodation throughout Serbia.
  • Beograd Prajd FaviconBeograd Prajd
    Organization of the pride parade in Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Da se zna! FaviconDa se zna!
    Dasezna provides support for LGBT+ people through improving the efficiency of the protection system and advocating for an appropriate response from the competent authorities.
  • Egal FaviconEgal
    The organization stands against discrimination, stigmatization, acts of violence and all forms of human rights violations.
  • Gej Lezbejski Info Centar FaviconGej Lezbejski Info Centar
    Strengthening and building the LGBT community through information, creating LGBT media and organizing cultural and artistic events.
  • Gej strejt alijansa FaviconGej strejt alijansa
    Promotion and protection of human rights in Serbia, especially LGBT rights
  • Geten FaviconGeten
    Center for LGBTIQA people's rights
  • Izađi FaviconIzađi
    Long-term support and empowerment of LGBT+ youth and their families.
  • Labris FaviconLabris
    Organization for lesbian human rights.
  • XY Spectrum FaviconXY Spectrum
    Organization for support and promotion of sex and gender variant persons.