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_it4_ added an entry to Estonia.
Right to change legal gender: Legal, surgery not required from Jun 2002 to now.
Since June 2002, transgender people in Estonia have been allowed to change their legal gender and name. Additionally, they are not required to undergo sex reassignment surgery, sterilisation or divorce their partner.
_it4_ added an entry to Ireland.
Blood donations by MSMs: Legal from Nov 28, 2022 to now.
Men who have sex with men will no longer have to wait four months before giving blood, as changes to who can donate blood come into effect today. Instead, individual assessments will now be made.
_it4_ added an entry to Azerbaijan.
Legal recognition of non-binary gender: Not legally recognized from past to now.
A Third gender is not legally recognized in Azerbaijan.
_it4_ added an entry to Ohio.
Same-sex adoption: Legal from Jun 26, 2015 to now.
There are no laws prohibiting Ohio same-sex adoption. Both single LGBT individuals and gay and lesbian couples are permitted to petition to adopt in the state of Ohio. Prior to the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage in 2015, only single LGBT individuals could adopt. However, since then, same-sex couples are permitted to adopt in Ohio.
Sources: americanadoptionsofohio.com…~:text=There%20are%20no%20laws%20prohibiting,single%20LGBT%20individuals%20could%20adopt.
_it4_ added an entry to Texas.
Same-sex adoption: Married couples only from Jan 2016 to Jun 26, 2017.
According to the advocacy organizations, the Family Equality Council and Equality Texas and the non-profit legal services provider Texas Legal Services Center, same-sex couples are able to adopt as a couple if they are legally married.
_it4_ added an entry to Mexico.
Same-sex marriage: Legal from Oct 26, 2022 to now.
The congress of Mexico’s northeastern border state Tamaulipas has voted to recognise same-sex marriage, making it legal across the country. Becoming the last of the country’s states to do so, Tamaulipas amended the state’s Civil Code on Wednesday, setting off cheers of “Yes, we can!” from supporters of the change.
_it4_ added an entry to Taiwan.
Same-sex adoption: Ambiguous from Jan 13, 2022 to now.
In January 2022, by a unprecedented court order a same-sex couple legally adopted a child in Taiwan. The Legislative Yuan is yet to codify within legislation the recent court ruling (based on a 2019 "partial" adoption law).
_it4_ added an entry to Germany.
Legal recognition of non-binary gender: Ambiguous from Sep 2022 to now.
Germany is introducing a law that will allow trans and non-binary people to change their legal name and gender identity through self-identification. If the legislation passes later this year, trans and non-binary people in Germany will no longer require gender-affirming surgeries, hormone therapy, or psychological consultation to legally change their name and gender. In this newly presented Self-Determination Act, trans people over the age of 14 will be allowed to change their gender and name once per year. Trans and non-binary people can change their personal details at a registry office without needing a court order, medical records, or any parental permission. Children under 14 will need their parents or guardians to make a registry office application on their behalf.
Sources: gendergp.com/germany-introd…~:text=Germany's%20decision%20to%20make%20it,people's%20lives%20in%20the%20country.
_it4_ added an entry to Isle of Man.
Censorship of LGBT Issues: No censorship from past to now.
In Isle of Man, there are no laws restricting to discussion or promotion of LGBTQ+ topics.
Sources: In Isle of Man, there are no laws restricting to discussion or promotion of LGBTQ+ topics.
_it4_ added an entry to Guanajuato.
Same-sex marriage: Legal from Dec 20, 2021 to now.
On 20 December 2021, the Secretary General of Government, Libia Dennise García Muñoz, issued an official directive addressed to officials of the state civil registry that, effective immediately, same-sex couples can marry in the state.
_it4_ added an entry to Nayarit.
Same-sex marriage: Legal from Dec 23, 2015 to now.
A bill for the legalization of same-sex marriages was approved by the state Congress on 17 December in a 26–1 vote with 1 abstention. The law was published in the official state journal on 22 December and took effect the following day.
_it4_ added an entry to Aguascalientes.
Same-sex marriage: Legal from Aug 16, 2019 to now.
Same-sex marriage in Aguascalientes turned legal in accordance with a ruling from the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation on 2 April 2019 that the state's ban on same-sex marriage violated Articles 1 and 4 of the Constitution of Mexico. The ruling came into effect upon publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation on 16 August 2019, legalizing same-sex marriage in Aguascalientes.
_it4_ added an entry to South Carolina.
Censorship of LGBT Issues: No censorship from Mar 11, 2020 to now.
The U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina entered a consent decree that declares South Carolina’s 1988 discriminatory anti-LGBTQ curriculum law unconstitutional and bars its enforcement.
_it4_ added an entry to South Carolina.
Censorship of LGBT Issues: State-enforced from 1988 to Mar 11, 2020.
An archaic 1988 law "banning homosexual or gay topics within school classrooms" was made.