Entry #789: LGBT discrimination in Peru

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IssueLGBT discrimination
StatusNo protections
Start DateOct 31, 1993
End Datenow
DescriptionEven though the constitution states that people should not be discriminated due to "any reasons", there are no specific provision for sexual orientations or gender identities.
Sourceshttp://www.congreso.gob.pe/_ingles/CONSTITUTION_29_08_08.pdf http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/population/womenrights/peru.women.98.pdf
Reports (3)
  • Newer law has been passed "Since 2017, the crime of discrimination in the Penal Code expressly includes discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity."
  • Status is not correct "New laws were introduced in 2017, see for example Amnesty International Report 2017/18 on Peru."
  • Status is not correct "this is not the current status"

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