LGBT Rights in Bali Province

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    Varies by Region
    Gay Marriage
    ✖ Banned
    ✖ State-enforced
    Changing Gender
    ✖ Legal, but requires surgery
    Gender-Affirming Care
    ✖ Restricted
    Non-Binary Gender Recognition
    ✖ Not legally recognized
    ✖ Illegal in some contexts
    Employment Discrimination
    ✖ No protections
    Housing Discrimination
    Intersex Infant Surgery
    ✖ Illegal
    Donating Blood
    Conversion Therapy
    Age of Consent
    ✔ Equal
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Homosexual activity in Bali


Homosexual activity in Bali is varies by region.

Current status
Since Jan 1, 2002
Varies by Region
Sex between consenting adults (18 years of age by the Law on Child Protection, No.
23/2002) of the same sex or gender is not criminalized in the Indonesian Penal Code.

There are three exceptions where homosexuality is marginalized in local ordinances:

1. District Ordinance on Social Order (No. 10/2007) in Banjar, South Kalimantan Province. It
mentions “abnormal” homosexual and heterosexual acts (in addition to “normal” ones) in
its definition of “prostitute.” No explanation is given for “normal” or “abnormal” acts. It also
prohibits the formation of organizations “leading to immoral acts” that are “unacceptable to
the culture of [local] society.” These are later explained by giving examples of lesbian and gay
organizations “and the like.”

2. City Ordinance on the Development of a Value System in Social Life Based on the Teachings of
Islam and Local Social Norms (No. 12/2009) in Tasikmalaya, West Java. It prohibits adultery and
prostitution, both heterosexual and homosexual.

3. City Ordinance on the Prevention, Eradication and Prosecution of Social Ills (No. 9/2010)
in Padang Panjang, West Sumatra. The section with de$nition of terms explicitly mentions
“homosexual and lesbian” relationships and later prohibits such relationships and prohibits
persons from “o#ering themselves for homosexual and lesbian relationships either with or
without payment.”

Alongside these local ordinances, Aceh province (a province with significant legislative autonomy from the rest of Indonesia) from October, 2015, criminalises homosexual sex between muslim men with a punishment of up to 100 lashes.
Being LGBT in Asia - Indonesia Report 2014……
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Same-sex marriage in Bali


Same-sex marriage in Bali is banned.

Current status
There is no legal recognition of same-sex unions in Indonesia. Article 1 of the Law No. 1 of the Year 1974 on Marriage states unequivocally that marriage is "a physical and spiritual bond between a man and a woman as husband and wife, having the purpose of establishing a happy and lasting family founded on the Belief in God Almighty".[1] Moreover, Article 2 states that a marriage is only lawful if it is in accordance with the laws of the religions of the respective parties. Meanwhile, Indonesians who have entered into same-sex marriage abroad are not allowed to register their marriage in Indonesia due to Article 1 of the Marriage Act.[2] Additionally, Article 34(1) of the Law No. 23 of the Year 2006 on Civil Administration obliges all marriages to be reported to the local authorities within 60 days after marriage, and the explanation of Article 34(1) states that "marriage" can only be performed by a man and a woman
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Censorship of LGBT issues in Bali


Censorship of LGBT issues in Bali is state-enforced.

Current status
Most of Indonesia doesn't have censorship towards the LGBT community , but in some certain places like the TV shows it does. Some popular LGBT Websites have also been banned. Nevertheless, LGBT movies are most times free to be broadcasted in Indonesian cinemas.
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Right to change legal gender in Bali


Right to change legal gender in Bali is legal, but requires surgery.

Current status
Since 1973
Legal, but requires surgery
A court ruling in Indonesia in December 2009 stipulated that Indonesians who have undergone gender re-assignment surgery must be allowed to change their gender on identity documents.
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Gender-affirming care in Bali


Gender-affirming care in Bali is restricted.

Current status
Since 1973
In 1973, Indonesia legalized sterilization, which de facto meant legalizing sex reassignment surgery, however, medical records regarding transsexualism had to be obtained abroad.
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Legal recognition of non-binary gender in Bali


Legal recognition of non-binary gender in Bali is not legally recognized.

Current status
Not legally recognized
Indonesia does not legally recognize non-binary identities, despite genderless identities being part of its culture and history.

LGBT discrimination in Bali


LGBT discrimination in Bali is illegal in some contexts.

Current status
Since Oct 8, 2015
Illegal in some contexts
The Indonesian police authorities ruled an order since 2015 that it would process any hate speech related to sexual orientation or gender.
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Until Oct 8, 2015
No protections
LGBT Indonesians face discrimination on the work place.
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LGBT employment discrimination in Bali


LGBT employment discrimination in Bali is no protections.

Current status
No protections
There is no anti-discrimination law on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
Theoretically there is a guarantee of protection against discriminatory practices based on any
ground in the Constitution and the Human Rights Law (No. 39/1999). Similarly, the Labor Law
(No. 13/2003) prohibits discrimination in employment. However, this is little known in LGBT
communities, and has not been used in court in a case to challenge discrimination against LGBT
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LGBT housing discrimination in Bali


LGBT housing discrimination in Bali is unknown.

Current status

Same-sex adoption in Bali


Same-sex adoption in Bali is ambiguous.

Current status
Since Oct 2, 2007
According to Government Regulation Number 54 of 2007 concerning the Implementation of Child Adoption, Article 16 stipulates as folllows:

(1) Adoption of children by single parents can only be carried out by Indonesian citizens after obtaining permission from the Minister.

The granting of permits as intended in paragraph (1) can be delegated to the head of a social agency in the province.

Under this technicality, a LGBT prospective parent may be able to adopt while single, no known case has been documented of minister approval.

Intersex infant surgery in Bali


Intersex infant surgery in Bali is unknown.

Current status

Serving openly in military in Bali


Serving openly in military in Bali is illegal.

Current status
Under the ST/398/2009 telegram letter of the Indonesian Military, it is illegal for LGBTQIA+ identifying people to serve in the military, openly or secretly. The Indonesian Military aggressively hunts, cracks down, imprison, and dishonorably discharge LGBTQIA+ identifying members of the Indonesian Military. Back then, the Indonesian Psychological Association stated that LGBTQIA+ identity is a mental illness. Numerous people inside the Military were imprisoned if vigilantes caught Military members having private, consensual, gay sex.

We compiled and translated the tweets from the Indonesian Air Force’s Official Account responding to questions about recruiting LGBTQIA+ identifying people to the Indonesian Military. Here are all the tweets in chronological order:

1. When being asked if members of the LGBTQIA+ community can serve in the Indonesian Military, here are their response: (
Ooohhh, cannot (shocked face)

Upon selection there are psychological tests, LGBT is a mental disorder. If there are many recruits that are mentally healthy why must we accept the mentally deficient?

2. The twitter went viral and there were some criticisms, which they responded with: (
(The word “normal” means heterosexual)
Responding to many mentions that went in -> until right now there are still many Military recruits that have a normal sexual orientation.

Members of the Indonesian Military are governed by military norms including religious norms & laws, so (members) must be physically & mentally healthy

3. In response to the numerous tweets arguing that homosexuality is not a mental illness, they responded with: (
(“Airmin” is how they say Air Force Admin)
(“UI” is short for the University of Indonesia, the top University in Indonesia)
In response to the debate if LGBT is a mental disorder or not, "airmin" will give you a Link containing an opinion from one of the doctors of UI.

4. One person replied that it is an opinion of one person and does not equate the scientific burden of proof. They responded with: (
As an member of the Military who is pious to the Almighty God and as a Muslim the Al-Quran is enough to be a scientific proof, are there any higher knowledge and more credible than the Holy Bible? In the Holy Bible LGBT is not only prohibited but also “cursed”

5. The Indonesian Air Force responded to more replies with this final tweet: (
Same-sex relationships is a sin am I right? (smile emoji) I’m sorry yaa, even animals are never wrong in their (mating) targets

Blood donations by MSMs in Bali


Blood donations by MSMs in Bali is ambiguous.

Current status
The Indonesian Red Cross said that LGBTQIA+ identifying people are not recommended to donate blood because of their "risky sexual activities" including anal sex that can get them infected with HIV.
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Conversion therapy in Bali


Conversion therapy in Bali is unknown.

Current status

Equal age of consent in Bali


Equal age of consent in Bali is equal.

Current status
Since Oct 15, 2019
Equal except for the region of Aceh (Homosexuality is illegal there)
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Jan 1, 1974–Oct 15, 2019
The age of consent for males and females engaged in heterosexual activity is 19 and 16 in a marriage. For homosexual activity, the age of consent is 18.