Entry #2000: LGBT employment discrimination in Indonesia

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IssueLGBT employment discrimination
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DescriptionThere is no anti-discrimination law on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Theoretically there is a guarantee of protection against discriminatory practices based on any ground in the Constitution and the Human Rights Law (No. 39/1999). Similarly, the Labor Law (No. 13/2003) prohibits discrimination in employment. However, this is little known in LGBT communities, and has not been used in court in a case to challenge discrimination against LGBT people.
SourcesBeing LGBT in Asia: Indonesia Country Report 2014 http://www.asia-pacific.undp.org/content/dam/rbap/docs/Research%20&%20Publications/hiv_aids/rbap-hhd-2014-blia-indonesia-country-report-english.pdf

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Revision by LGBTsoutheastasian. updated, there was a case of a police officer who filed a case against employment discrimination in 2022, he got his job back. However this hasn’t been publicized by the media and there was no records of money compensation either.

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