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LGBT_southeastasian added an entry to Antigua and Barbuda.
Homosexual activity: Legal from Jul 5, 2022 to now.
The high court of Justice for Antigua and Barbuda ruled that sections of the Penal Code that made consensual same-sex intimacy illegal were unconstitutional, and void, therefore legalizing homosexuality since 2022.
LGBT_southeastasian added an entry to Kazakhstan.
Serving openly in military: Legal from 2022 to now.
The ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2022, said in an interview that no one is banned from serving in the military because of their sexual orientation.
LGBT_southeastasian added an entry to Myanmar.
Homosexual activity: Male illegal, female uncertain from 2016 to now.
Myanmar criminalizes same-sex sexual activity under Penal Code 1860, Section 377. This revised punishment for consensual male same-sex sexual activity was replaced by up to 20 years in prison. No rules known for female same sexual activity. Decriminalization pending.
LGBT_southeastasian added an entry to Iran.
Same-sex marriage: Unrecognized from Sep 16, 1941 to Feb 11, 1979.
Under the Shah's rule, the last monarch of the Pahlavi dynasty, homosexuality was criminalised, though it was mostly tolerated even to the point of allowing news coverage of a mock same-sex wedding between two men.
Sources: "LGBT History in Iran".
LGBT_southeastasian added an entry to Indonesia.
Equal age of consent: Equal from Oct 15, 2019 to now.
Equalized under the child protection act, for both homosexual and heterosexual activity is 18 years old . However under the Indonesian Penal code the minimum age of consent for heterosexual activity is minimum 15 years old, whereas the age of consent for homosexual activity is 18 years old. In 2019, the marriageable age for a heterosexual marriage is equalized to 19 years old for both males and females.
LGBT_southeastasian added an entry to Indonesia.
LGBT discrimination: Illegal in some contexts from Oct 8, 2015 to now.
The Indonesian police authorities ruled an order since 2015 that it would process any hate speech related to sexual orientation or gender.
LGBT_southeastasian added an entry to Indonesia.
Homosexual activity: Legal from Aug 9, 2001 to Dec 6, 2022.
Homosexuality is legal in Indonesia. The age of consent is 18 years old. Illegal in the Autonomous province of Aceh. Although, the Indonesian law allows homosexual conducts an overbroad interpretation of the pornography law, coupled with government action has enabled the police to use in targetting LGBT people.