1963 in LGBT Rights

In 1963, there were 5 recorded legal changes made affecting LGBT people. In the previous year, there were 13 changes made and 8 in the following year. A total of 98 legal changes were made in the 1960s.

  • May 31
    Same-sex marriage becomes unrecognized.
    Same sex marriage is not recognized in Gabon
  • Homosexual activity becomes legal.
    Not criminalised but same sex couple report being harassed by the police.
  • January 19
    Gender-affirming care becomes restricted.
    In 1963, the first fully reimbursed gender reassignment surgery in Polish history (MTF) was performed in Warsaw. Until the first health care facility in Poland was established, which specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of transgender people, hormonal therapy and professional diagnosis of gender dysphoria were not possible.
  • (date unknown)
    Gender-affirming care becomes restricted.
    In 1963, Myanmar legalized sterilization, which de facto meant legalizing sex reassignment surgery, however, medical records regarding transsexualism had to be obtained abroad.
  • Homosexual activity becomes legal.
    LGBT people regardless of gender are allowed to engage in such acts once old enough according to the law. In 1953 the police was ordered to refrain from enforcing the law against homosexual acts by the Israeli government. In 1963 Israel's Highest Court decides that individuals who committed consensual homosexual acts privately couldn't be punished and even before that there are no records of punishments by civilian courts against people who committed consensual homosexual acts privately. The law was officially repealed by the Knesset ( the Israeli Parliament ) in 1988, but it's enforcement was illegal since 1963 in most cases.