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daveyroo added an entry in Papua New Guinea.
Homosexual activity: Male illegal, female legal from 2002 to now.
Men can receive 3 to 14 years of imprisonment under Criminal Code 1974. The legislation lists homosexuality under "Unnatural Offenses" and "Indecent Practices Between Males." (decriminalization pending)
daveyroo added an entry in Mexico.
LGBT discrimination: Illegal from Jun 11, 2003 to now.
Since 2011, Article 1 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States (1917) (federal constitution) prohibits discrimination based on “sexual preferences”. 3 out of 32 subnational jurisdictions bans discrimination based on gender identity in its State Constitutions. Article 1(3) of the Federal Act to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination (2003) includes “sexual preferences” as one of the prohibited grounds of discrimination
daveyroo added an entry in Russia.
LGBT discrimination: Illegal in some contexts from 1993 to now.
Homosexuals can be protected from hate speech and/or discrimination in accordance with Articles 136 and 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
daveyroo added an entry in United States.
Homosexual activity: Legal from Jun 26, 2003 to now.
Homosexuality was decriminalized at the federal level in the United States through the landmark Supreme Court decision of Lawrence v. Texas in 2003. The court struck down a Texas statute that criminalized sexual acts between same-sex couples, declaring such laws unconstitutional. This judgment set a precedent that rendered similar anti-sodomy statutes across states unenforceable, thereby federally decriminalizing homosexuality in private, consensual settings.