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daveyroo added an entry to Papua New Guinea.
Homosexual activity: Male illegal, female legal from 2002 to now.
Men can receive 3 to 14 years of imprisonment under Criminal Code 1974. The legislation lists homosexuality under "Unnatural Offenses" and "Indecent Practices Between Males." (decriminalization pending)
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LGBT discrimination: Illegal from Apr 29, 2003 to now.
The National Council to Prevent Discrimination, CONAPRED, takes action to ensure equality for all citizens. This includes promoting new policies and resolving complaints of allegedly discriminatory acts.
daveyroo added an entry to Russia.
LGBT discrimination: No protections from Jul 29, 2013 to now.
Signed into law by President Vladimir Putin, the law on “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations among minors” criminalizes public expression of support for nontraditional relationships.
daveyroo added an entry to United States.
Homosexual activity: Legal from Jun 26, 2003 to now.
Homosexual activity is legal in the United States, however, some US states had already legalized it in years prior.