1932 in LGBT Rights

In 1932, there were 12 recorded legal changes made affecting LGBT people. In the previous year, there were 5 changes made and 5 in the following year. A total of 31 legal changes were made in the 1930s.

  • September 23
    LGBT discrimination becomes no protections.
    Discrimination is encouraged.
  • Same-sex marriage becomes unrecognized.
    no laws criminalizing in constitution or laws.
  • LGBT housing discrimination becomes no protections.
    No protections
  • LGBT employment discrimination becomes no protections.
    No protections
  • Equal age of consent becomes unequal.
    Extramarital sexual relations and homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia
  • LGBT discrimination becomes no protections.
    There are no protection from discrimination to LGBT people
  • Same-sex adoption becomes illegal.
    Not legal
  • Same-sex marriage becomes not legal.
    Not legal
  • Homosexual activity becomes illegal (death penalty as punishment).
    While Saudi Arabia has no specific law banning homosexuality, it does use Sharia law as a framework. Punishment for those who are convicted varies between flogging and imprisonment. Those who are convicted twice face an automatic execution. Under Saudi Arabian interpretation of Sharia, a Non Muslim male who engages sexual relations with a Muslim male could face the Capital Punishment , married men who have sex with another men could also face execution by stoning for the offense of adultery . While sex between Muslim men is is sentenced by Flogging on the first offence. Second conviction merits execution.
  • July 11
    Equal age of consent becomes equal.
  • Homosexual activity becomes legal.
    Consensual same-sex acts were legalised by the Polish Penal Code of 1932. Since 2015 several municipalities have declared themselves to be "LGBT-free zones", while this has no legal standing it does adversly affect LGBT people by opening them up to hate crime.
  • June 24
    Same-sex marriage becomes unrecognized.
    Date shown is when Thailand became a constitutional monarchy. Thailand currently does not recognize gay marriages.