Entry #339: Same-sex adoption in Philippines

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IssueSame-sex adoption
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DescriptionIf you are part of the LGBTQ in the Philippines, you can only adopt if you are single.

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DescriptionUnsure of dateIf you are part of the LGBTQ in the Philippines, you can only adopt if you are single.
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Unsure of date If you are part of the LGBTQ in the Philippines, you can only adopt if you are single.
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http://www.thedurian.org/2011/04/no-longer-in-bottle-lgbt-rights-in.html https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/Intercountry-Adoption/Intercountry-Adoption-Country-Information/Philippines.html#:~:text=Philippine%20law%20does%20not%20recognize,from%20applying%20to%20adopt%20individually.

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Start Date(unknown)
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DescriptionUnsure of date
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  • Note field is incorrect "They are no laws preventing from members of the LGBT community to adopt a child, although by the virtue of the Family Code, gay couples are barred from legally having a joint adoption. Only married couples are allowed to have joint adoption and marriage is defined as a marriage between a man and a woman only. Same-sex marriage is unrecognized in the country. Although it is possible for a homosexual individual to adopt a child, there are sensitive issues present. It is possible to bar a homosexual individual from adopting a child through the "good moral character" criteria as some sectors of the Philippine society view that homosexuality is immoral."
  • Status is not correct
  • Other information is incorrect "Gay couples cannot adopt jointly; but single LGBT people can"