Entry #1980: Right to change legal gender in Italy

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IssueRight to change legal gender
StatusLegal, surgery not required
Start DateJul 23, 2015
End Datenow
DescriptionA Supreme Court decision overruled the surgery requirement to change one's legal gender.
Sourceshttp://www.gaystarnews.com/article/italy-becomes-fifth-country-in-the-world-to-allow-trans-people-to-change-gender-without-a-doctor/#gs.8VAl=DE http://www.west-info.eu/it/si-della-cassazione-al-cambio-di-sesso-allanagrafe-anche-senza-operazione/corte-di-cassazione-sentenza-n-15138-2015-2/
Reports (2)
  • Newer law has been passed
  • Status is not correct "Italy is not a common law country and the supreme court cannot overrule anything"

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