Entry #1098: Same-sex marriage in New South Wales

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RegionNew South Wales
IssueSame-sex marriage
Start Date(unknown)
End DateJul 1, 2010

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End Date(none)Jul 1, 2010
DescriptionVoted down in 2013.

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Start Date(unknown)
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DescriptionVoted down in 2013.
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  • Date is incorrect "Since July 2010, 'registered relationships' (civil unions) have been legal in NSW. http://www.samesame.com.au/news/local/5577/NSW-couples-can-register-from-today.htm"
  • Sources are invalid or broken "New South Wales currently has a registered relationship scheme, given effect by the Relationships Register Act 2010 (NSW). This is a form of registered partnership that provides all of the state rights of marriage. Moreover, New South Wales does not explicitly ban same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage is regulated under Federal law in Australia and there are no NSW laws providing for the registration of marriage."