Entry #1094: Same-sex marriage in Romania

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IssueSame-sex marriage
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DescriptionThe Civil Code defines marriage as being between a man and a woman. There is no recognition of same-sex couples. However, there is no constitutional ban of same-sex marriage.
SourcesInternational Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission: https://iglhrc.org/content/romania-discriminatory-partnership-and-adoption-provisions-new-civil-code
Reports (5)
  • Status is not correct "Same sex foreign marriages/civil partnerships are not recognised (express prohibition by law). However, what is recognised is that, provided one of the spouses is an EU citizen, while the union should not be recognised, the spouse should be given the right to residency without any need for further applications. This comes after the landmark decision in the Coman-Hamilton case in front of the CJEU "
  • Other "Constitutional Ban"
  • Other "Referendum for re-defining Romanian family in Constitution to take place this autumn"
  • Other "Constitutional Bann in Autumn"
  • Status is not correct "Law is ambiguous but there is an anti-LGBT religious push to define marriage as between a man and a woman"

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