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kevinkobori added an entry in Egypt.
Homosexual activity: Illegal (imprisonment as punishment) from 2000 to now.
Three months to 3 years in prison. May be placed in "special reformatory" upon completion of prison sentence. Fine between 25 LE and 300 LE (US$3 and $40).
kevinkobori added an entry in Ukraine.
Same-sex marriage: Not legal from Jun 17, 2018 to 2022.
In June of 2018, the Ukraine justice ministry said that there is no legal grounds in Ukraine currently for same-sex marriage. Deputy Justice Minister Natalia Bernatska has said, "To date, no draft laws or government decisions regarding the legalization of same-sex partnerships in civilian or other forms have been developed." In August 2022, the country’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that Ukraine’s government may allow civil partnerships for same-sex couples in the future.
kevinkobori added an entry in Ukraine.
Homosexual activity: Legal from Dec 12, 1991 to now.
Same-sex sexual activity has been legal in Ukraine since 1991.
kevinkobori added an entry in Iceland.
Same-sex adoption: Legal from Jun 27, 2006 to now.
Legal since 2006
Sources: Cleaning up after a troll
kevinkobori added an entry in Iceland.
Same-sex marriage: Legal from Jun 27, 2010 to now.
Legal since 2010
kevinkobori added an entry in Iceland.
Homosexual activity: Legal from Aug 10, 1940 to now.
The Icelandic parliament decriminalizes homosexuality, removes the provision of the law that made homosexuality illegal.