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bjb added an entry to Italy.
Same-sex marriage: Civil unions from May 11, 2016 to now.
Italy's parliament has backed same-sex civil unions. MPs in the lower house voted 369-193 for the government, ensuring that the civil unions bill will become law. Same sex marriage pending.
bjb added an entry to Colombia.
Same-sex marriage: Legal from Apr 28, 2016 to now.
"The judges affirmed by a majority that marriage between people of the same sex does not violate the constitutional order," judge Maria Victoria Calle said.
bjb added an entry to Ukraine.
LGBT employment discrimination: Sexual orientation and gender identity from Nov 12, 2015 to now.
The Ukraine parliament voted to change the country's labor code to include protection against employment discrimination regardless of "race, colour, political, religious and other beliefs, sex gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic, social and foreign origin, age, health, disability, or suspected presence of HIV/AIDS, family and property status, family responsibilities, place of residence, or participation in a strike."
bjb added an entry to Colombia.
Same-sex adoption: Legal from Nov 4, 2015 to now.
Previously couples could only adopt a child if it was from one of the partners, but the same-sex adoption law allows homosexual couples the same rights as heterosexual couples.