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alfredonarvaez created an entry in Mexico.
LGBT employment discrimination: Varies by Region from Jun 11, 2003 to (none).
Most of Mexico's states have enacted laws that ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or sexual preference, as well as gender. Many states also explicitly ban discrimination based on gender…
alfredonarvaez created an entry in Mexico.
Homosexual activity: Male illegal, female uncertain from 1600 to 2001.
In the 1600s to the revolution of the Second French intervention, Sodomy was heavily criminalized until Mexico adopted Spanish laws. Spanish laws still heavily criminalized acts of sodomy even…
Sources: Garza, Federico. Quemando mariposas. Sodomía e imperio en Andalucia y México, siglos XVI-XVII. Laertes. Barcelona, 2002. (Spanish) (English & Book)… (Spanish) Irwin, Robert McKee, et al., eds. The Famous 41: Sexuality and Social Control in Mexico 1901. New York: Palgrave, 2003. Lumsden, Ian. Homosexuality, Society and the State in Mexico. Toronto: Canadian Gay Archives, 1991. (English) Timeline of war:… Translated version: www-jornada-com-mx.translat… Original version:…