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alfredonarvaez added an entry in Mexico.
LGBT employment discrimination: Sexual orientation only from Jun 11, 2003 to now.
Article 1(III) of the Federal Act to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination (2003) lists sexual preferences as a protected class. Article 149 Ter (2) of the Federal Criminal Code (1931) criminalises employment discrimination based on "sexual preference” and aggravates penalties for employers and public servants. Gender identity is not explicity protected.
alfredonarvaez added an entry in Mexico.
Homosexual activity: Legal from past to Jan 1, 2014.
The concept has never been illegal in Mexico, but in the times of the colony by Spain, sodomy was a grave felony. Those proven guilty were burned by the Holy Inquisition. In the independent period homosexuality was an administrative felony, that was charged by the police at discretion. This practice has been waning since the arrival of the modern democracy at the beginning of the 21st century. With the broad reform about human rights the protection of sexual preference was included in the federal constitution in 2011.
Sources: Book: Garza, Federico. Quemando mariposas. Sodomía e imperio en Andalucia y México, siglos XVI-XVII. Laertes. Barcelona, 2002.