1967 in LGBT Rights

In 1967, there were 7 recorded legal changes made affecting LGBT people. In the previous year, there were 18 changes made and 7 in the following year. A total of 112 legal changes were made in the 1960s.

  • November 12
    Homosexual activity becomes male illegal, female legal.
    Six months to 5 years in prison and a fine of 20,000-200,000 CFA. Not enforced.
  • Same-sex marriage becomes not legal.
    Homosexuality is illegal in Cameroon.
  • Homosexual activity becomes illegal (imprisonment as punishment).
    Up to 5 years imprisonment and/or 200,000 franc fine.
  • July 27
    Homosexual activity becomes legal.
    Age of consent equalised on November 20th 2000
  • Homosexual activity becomes legal.
  • Homosexual activity becomes legal.
    **LEGAL, WITH RESTRICTIONS** The Sexual Offences Act of 1967 legalized sexual acts between two men who were 21 or older (Excluding men serving in the military), but it placed new restrictions on sex for men who have sex with men. The act prohibited sex in places where a third party was likely to be present.
  • June 9
    Homosexual activity becomes legal.
    Although homosexuality is legal, any homosexual act with any person under the age of 21 is illegal.