1919 in LGBT Rights

In 1919, there were 4 recorded legal changes made affecting LGBT people. In the previous year, there were 1 change made and 1 in the following year. A total of 24 legal changes were made in the 1910s.

  • August 19
    LGBT housing discrimination becomes no protections.
  • LGBT employment discrimination becomes no protections.
    None exist in the criminal code.
  • LGBT discrimination becomes no protections.
  • July 6
    Gender-affirming care becomes legal.
    In 1919 the non-profit foundation Institute for Sexual Science was founded in Berlin by Magnus Hirschfeld, becoming the first sexology research center in the world. The institute provided a range of endocrinologic and surgical services, including an early form of modern sex reassignment surgery in 1931. Ludwig Levy-Lenz, the institute's primary surgeon for transgender patients, pioneered early facial feminization and masculinization procedures, alongside developing hair removal treatments utilizing the institute's X-ray facility.

LGBT Organizations Founded in 1919

  • Institut für Sexualwissenschaft FaviconInstitut für Sexualwissenschaft
    The institute pioneered research and treatment for various matters regarding gender and sexuality, including gay, transgender, and intersex topics. In addition, it offered…