Trans Youth Support Network

Trans Youth Support Network

~~ Mission ~~

~ To make it possible for trans and gender non-conforming youth to survive adultism, racism, sexism and economic injustices in systems we have to engage with to get our basic needs met.
~ To hold dependable community spaces for trans and gender non-conforming youth to dream of and shape another world supportive of our whole selves.
~ To claim the resources and power we need to build the world we dream of

~~ Vision ~~

~ We dream of a world full of physical and intangible spaces where young trans folk are not isolated but instead are developing intergenerational trust, healing strategies, and education models side by side.
~ We recognize that only as our whole, learning, and healing selves are we able to build healthy-sustainable relationships & solidarity in and across movements.
~ We trust that through this interdependence we can be strong enough to not only survive but dismantle systemic oppressions like: adultism, racism, misogyny, and capitalism.
~ We believe in and will create a just world!

Location: Minnesota

Founded: 2004

Official Website:  Favicon

@TransYouthMN on Twitter