International Family Equality Day

International Family Equality Day

IFED goals & mission:

- Raise awareness, provide advocacy, empower, demand social and legal acceptance for our families, and celebrate family diversity worldwide.

- Ensure that IFED remains a neutral, unbranded event open to everybody – IFED as an official LGBT awareness day

- General mobilization to increase IFED’s scope and diversity. Until now this has happened almost exclusively at regional and international levels, in order not to interfere with national strategies. We’ve also had a specific focus on engaging allies via the annual global focus issues.

- Highlight the scope and diversity of IFED mobilization (so that this visibility impacts global public opinion and decision makers). This has been done via our IFED global website, Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram and the IFED Annual Report.

The IFED movement’s visibility trough the IFED website, along with the possibility to easily get engaged, will also strengthen the day’s potential as a world-wide movement.

Location: Global

Founded: 2018

Official Website:  Favicon

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