Venezuela Diversa Asociacion Civil

Venezuela Diversa Asociacion Civil

The Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM) was set up in June of 2001. It is run by a committee of volunteers that is elected annually at a statutory annual general meeting.

Mission (as approved at AGM, 22nd February 2010)

MGRM strives to achieve full equality for LGBT people in Maltese society; a society that enables people to live openly and fully without fear of discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Core values

• Gay Affirmative practice in all its advocacy work and service provision;

• Respect and Recognition for the fundamental cultural, social and economic as ell as civil and political human rights, with particular emphasis on equality and freedom from discrimination, gender equality and the right to self-determination;

• Solidarity with other discriminated groups of people with mutual support in combating oppression and discrimination and fighting for equality in Malta as well as with other regions of the world;

• Transparency and Accountability in all operations of the organisation;

• Respect for diversity and accessibility among LGBT people and within society.

Aims and objectives

To achieve legal equality of LGBT people;
To have social policies that refer to and are inclusive of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression;
To bring about positive societal attitudes towards LGBT people and their issues;
To empower the LGBT community to engage in social and political issues that are of direct concern;
To encourage larger society engagement with MGRM’s human rights-based approach;
To make MGRM a sustainable organisation.

The organisation takes a gay affirmative approach which values homosexuality, bisexuality and heterosexuality equally as natural and normal attributes. Gay affirmative practitioners are those whose beliefs and values appreciate homosexuality and bisexuality as valid and rich orientations in their own right, and who perceive homophobia, not diverse sexualities, as pathological.

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