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Anama edited an entry in Venezuela.
LGBT housing discrimination: Ambiguous from past to now.
There are no specific protections yet there can be exceptions depending on the case.
Sources: No article especifically for LGTB protection is found in the constitution.
Anama added an entry in Venezuela.
LGBT housing discrimination: Sexual orientation and gender identity from 2011 to now.
Article 5 of the Law for the Regulation and Control of Housing Leasing, enacted in 2011, bans discrimination and provides protection to those who are especially vulnerable, or vulnerable to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, among others.
Anama added an entry in Venezuela.
Serving openly in military: Don't Ask, Don't Tell from past to Mar 16, 2023.
The military will not permit service to open LGBT members
Sources: Military law in the venezuelan constitution
Anama added an entry in Venezuela.
Same-sex adoption: Single only from past to now.
Single parents may adopt but same-sex couples won't be recognized as guardians therefore can't adopt
Sources: Venezuelan Constitution