Entry #521: Homosexual activity in Cuba

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IssueHomosexual activity
StatusIllegal (imprisonment as punishment)
Start Datepast
End Date1979
DescriptionArticle 303 prohibits homosexual behaviours (punishable by 3 months in prison and/or financial fines)

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Start DateApr 30, 1988(NONE)
End DateJun 17, 19971979

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End Date(NONE)Jun 17, 1997
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  • Newer law has been passed "Fake news of right wing American politics from an university website war on socialism "
  • Date is incorrect "homosexuality was decriminalized in 1979"
  • Sources are invalid or broken
  • Date is incorrect "Decriminalized in 1979"
  • Status is not correct "The Cuban Penal Code was amended in 1997 so that is no longer applies specifically to same-sex sexual acts or homosexuality."

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