Entry #4702: Homosexual activity in Belize

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IssueHomosexual activity
Start DateAug 10, 2016
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DescriptionJust got legalized.
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  • Status is not correct "Gay is illegal in belize..only the sodomy law has be legal. That doesnt mean its legal to be gay. Although the law isnt enforce, society makes it impossible for a lgbt person to live freely, openly n of fear. Most lgbt events are done privately and there are still lot of fear when attending those events. I personally try to stay away from them. Many lgbt people still get harrass tr Threaten n hurt physically. They just don't report it because its useless and wpuld only make there situation worst."

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No http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2016/08/10/belize-supreme-court-strikes-down-law-criminalising-homosexuality/

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