Entry #1903: LGBT discrimination in Greece

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IssueLGBT discrimination
StatusIllegal in some contexts
Start DateSep 10, 2014
End DateDec 9, 2016
DescriptionMany instances of discriminations against LGBT individuals are illegal. The only case where discrimination is not illegal is if it is done by public domain (of which the church is one.)
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  • Newer law has been passed

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  • Newer law has been passed
  • Newer law has been passed "By law, The church can no longer discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals, however there are no criminalization charges against the church if they do."
  • Status is not correct "I entered into a civil union with my partner of 45years. My partner passed away and i am required to prove that i am his next of kin by the tax office. On requesting a family relationship i was told by the local registry office that it is not done for homosexuals but only for heterosexuals. To be more specific it is the Plomari Lesvos office. "
  • Status is not correct "a law making discrimination in the workplace illegal was overruled"
  • Note field is incorrect "The Metropolitan Ambrosios, a person who systematically insulted LGBT persons was recently tried."

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