Entry #1792: Same-sex adoption in Slovenia

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IssueSame-sex adoption
StatusStep-child adoption only
Start DateJun 16, 2011
End Datenow
DescriptionOn June 16, 2011, the Slovenia National Assembly voted 43 to 38 in favor of repealing the previous law making adoption illegal for same-sex couples.
Sourceshttp://www.queer.de/detail.php?article_id=14458 (German)
Reports (6)
  • Status is not correct "No, there is no pending legislation in Slovenia for same-sex adoptions to become legal. "
  • Status is not correct "There are currently no pending laws which would make same-sex adoption legal in Slovenia. "
  • Status is not correct "Same-sex adoption is not legal nor are there any laws pending for it to become legal. The possibility of same-sex adoption in Slovenia has been rejected along with the possibility of same-sex marriage in a 2015 referendum. "
  • Status is not correct "Same-sex adoption is not legal in Slovenia nor is it planned to become legal in 2019."
  • Status is not correct "Nothing to indicate it will be legal, not even in 2019 with no upcoming referendum to change it."
  • Other "It is possible for a same-sex couple to go through a process of adoption of the partner's child but only via court. That bill mentioned here did not pass the referendum. The data here should be corrected."

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