Entry #1707: Equal age of consent in Iraq

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IssueEqual age of consent
Start Date1969
End Datenow
DescriptionAccording to the Iraq Penal Code of 1969, the age of consent is 18, however, this only applies to heterosexual sex.

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  • Status is not correct "According to the Iraqi penal code of 1969, any person who sexually assaults a boy or a girl under 18 without force, is punishable. So it appears that homosexuality is legal in Iraq and that age of consent is equal as well, both are legal and equal since 1969 or 2003 after Iraqi penal code was restored by decrees. Age of consent is equal and set at 18 years."
  • Status is not correct "Age of consent has been equal and set at 18 in Iraq since 2003, when a decree was issued to restore the penal code of 1969."

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