Entry #1298: Blood donations by MSMs in South Africa

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RegionSouth Africa
IssueBlood donations by MSMs
Start DateMay 20, 2014
End Datenow
DescriptionNewer law has been passed. As of 20/05/2014 South African National Blood Service (SANBS) will accept donations from anyone as long as they have been in a monogamous relationship for the prior six months, or celibate - regardless of sexual orientation. Donors will be asked about sexual history rather than sexual orientation. Six month deferral instead applies to everyone with new sexual partners.

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  • Other "If someone is on PrEP there is a 3 month deferral regardless of relationship status or sexual orientation. Unclear whether this is in addition to or separate from the 6 month deferral. https://www.mambaonline.com/2021/03/29/sanbs-explains-controversial-prep-blood-donation-ban/ Also, no deferral applies to those who have received Covid vaccine as per international standards."
  • Status is not correct "It is not banned. There is nothing preventing gay men from donating blood anymore."
  • Status is not correct
  • Status is not correct
  • Status is not correct "There is no longer a ban on donating blood specific to homosexuals. All people of all sexualities undergo the same screening process which may lead to a deferal in higher risk situations. I have discussed this at length witht the SANBS as much of their material has not been updated"
  • Status is not correct "Seeing as the 6 month deferral applies to all people regardless of their sexual orientation, the status should not be set to "banned" "
  • Status is not correct "The status should be listed as "Legal" or at worst "Ambiguous". There is not a 6-month deferral for gay sex. The deferral is for sex with a new partner, regardless of gender. The requirement of 6 months monogamy applies equally to gay and straight. Source: http://www.mambaonline.com/2014/05/20/sas-gay-blood-donation-ban-finally-ends/ Quote: "She said that anyone who has a new sexual partner will not be allowed to donate blood for six months, and that anyone who has multiple partners will not be allowed to donate blood. Both criteria are irrespective of a person’s sexual orientation.""
  • Status is not correct "Test "Quote". This is Dan testing. :)"

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