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IssueSame-sex adoption
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End DateJul 2, 2013
DescriptionRussian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on Wednesday banning the adoption of children by same-sex couples, as part of an increasingly conservative agenda the Kremlin is pursuing since his return to power.
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  • Status is not correct "Adoption in Russia is based on individual, not a familial basis. Only (to my knowledge) Americans are prohibited from adopting Russian children; but there is certainly no ban of GLBT people from adopting. In addition, the commentary re: "returning to power" and "conservative" leanings is categorically inappropriate. Putin was reelected by popular vote, with 17+ candidates participating in the last election. It's worth referencing too, the political beliefs of Russian people — the second most popular political party behind United Russia is the Communist party, and it is growing. Third, the Liberal Democratic Party, who are neither liberal nor Democratic, and if you're under the impression Putin is a conservative, I suggest strapping in as if going to the cosmos and exploring the LDPR. The entirely of the entry under same sex adoption is superficial, the reality not comparable to this "topic", just like Russia has familial leave, not maternity or paternal leave; you present a wholly nonexistent topic (parties not individuals adopting), ignoring such, then extrapolating on the topic by relying solely on conclusions and opinions, which are alarming unfounded, almost like describing another country entirely, or as if any integrity to impartiality, factual analysis, or even - yes we do it too - the self sacrifice to bite one's tongue to avoid unintentionally or perhaps unjustifiably attempting to authoritatively make claims which are unfounded "

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