Entry #11694: Legal recognition of non-binary gender in Brazil

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IssueLegal recognition of non-binary gender
StatusIntersex only
Start DateSep 12, 2021
End Datenow
DescriptionChildren born with no gender defined as male or female, in a condition known as Sex Differentiation Anomaly, – also know as intersex – may be registered with the “unknown” gender on the birth certificate. And also perform, at any time, the option of assigning sex at any Civil Registry Office, without the need for judicial authorization, proof of sexual surgery and hormonal treatment or presentation of a medical or psychological report.
Sourceshttps://www.cnj.jus.br/novas-regras-permitem-registrar-criancas-com-o-sexo-ignorado-na-dnv/ https://atos.cnj.jus.br/atos/detalhar/4066
Reports (3)
  • Newer law has been passed "you now can change to non binary the same as you can change to any gender, anyone can do it not only intersex"
  • Status is not correct "Late 2021 its was recognized that in legal gender change its possible to change to non binary nationwide (https://www.anoregsp.org.br/noticias/75121/strongartigo-a-alteracao-do-genero-e-nome-da-pessoa-transgenerostrong)"
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