Entry #11676: Legal recognition of non-binary gender in Spain

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IssueLegal recognition of non-binary gender
StatusNot legally recognized
Start Datepast
End DateDec 22, 2022
DescriptionSpain does not recognise non-binary gender identities. Proposed legislation that would have provided recognition was rejected in 2021.
Reports (3)
  • Newer law has been passed "https://www.lemonde.fr/en/international/article/2023/02/17/spain-approves-gender-self-determination-with-trans-equality-law_6016193_4.html"
  • Duplicate entry "Duplicate entry, please delete."
  • Status is not correct "It was allowed for intersex people until Law 4/2023"

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Revision by Humarezft. Trans Law mentioned Intersexual people now.

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