Entry #1155: Same-sex marriage in Trinidad and Tobago

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RegionTrinidad and Tobago
IssueSame-sex marriage
Start DateJan 1, 1924
End Datenow
Sourceshttp://rgd.legalaffairs.gov.tt/laws2/alphabetical_list/lawspdfs/45.01.pdf http://rgd.legalaffairs.gov.tt/laws2/alphabetical_list/lawspdfs/45.03.pdf http://rgd.legalaffairs.gov.tt/laws2/alphabetical_list/lawspdfs/45.02.pdf http://rgd.legalaffairs.gov.tt/laws2/alphabetical_list/lawspdfs/45.04.pdf
Reports (2)
  • Status is not correct "There have been no evidence that same-sex marriage have been considered legally recognized in Trinidad and Tobago particularly to foreigners. "
  • Status is not correct "Qualify “even for diplomats’ spouses""

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