Entry #1036: Right to change legal gender in Croatia

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IssueRight to change legal gender
StatusLegal, but requires surgery
Start DateJan 1, 1994
End DateNov 19, 2014
DescriptionSurgery required.

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End DateNov 15, 2014Nov 19, 2014
DescriptionSurgery now requiredSurgery required.

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End Date(none)Nov 15, 2014

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DescriptionSurgery now required
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  • Status is not correct
  • Status is not correct "Surgery not requires, the following data has correct data: https://www.lgbti-era.org/countries/croatia (The requirement is backing from a psychiatrist)"
  • Status is not correct "surgery is NOT required"

created by matkoglibota

Original entry
StatusLegal, but requires surgery
Start DateJan 1, 1994
End Date(none)
Reports (4)
  • Status is not correct "Legal, no surgery or sterilization required "
  • Newer law has been passed
  • Date is incorrect "Transgender persons may change legal documents without surgery required"
  • Status is not correct "Requires NO surgery: http://www.ilga-europe.org/sites/default/files/Attachments/side_b-rainbow_eurpe_index_may_2015_no_crops.pdf (See also: Regulation about obtaining medical documentation and determining requirements and preconditions for gender affirming surgery and/or life in different gender identity)"