Planet Ally

Planet Ally

Planet Ally, is a mobile website (in development), that focuses on travel and the LGBTIQ community, with a particular focus on allyship and solidarity. Planet Ally is a for-profit initiative social enterprise, but one that gives back to the communities and NGOs working for inclusion, diversity, and equality. We will also support vulnerable and volatile countries and regions who most need support and visibility.

Planet Ally empowers LGBTIQ and allies to make informed travel decisions. It arms travellers with the information they need to make decisions that are right for them based on their own views and values

Planet Ally seeks to be the world’s most influential and social media savvy group of professional LGBTIQ and ally activists, and prominent thought leaders.

Through these partnerships (including the one we have been discussing with you guys - equaldex) Planet Ally will create edgy and informative video content, curate content using a strong and engaging social media strategy, host events and online discussions derived from our global network to educate and discuss country-specific issues, and provide relevant educational, news, and crowd sourced content.

It will be a travel website/app that rather than focusing on fluffy pillows, mini bar contents or spa treatments, will focus on knowing your rights, evaluating attitudes and most importantly being clear on whether any money you spend ends up supporting regimes that are anti LGBTIQ.

Planet Ally will launch their website in 2017 with an initial focus on APAC and MENA regions, with more countries to be released in 2018.

We are pinning articles on our Pinterest and using your rainbow map images and info for each country too. We would be proud to update on equaldex when updating our boards etc :)

Location: Global

Founded: 2016

Official Website:  Favicon

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