Entry #5867: Blood donations by MSMs in Quebec

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IssueBlood donations by MSMs
StatusBanned (1-year deferral)
Start DateJan 2016
End DateJun 3, 2019
DescriptionAll across Canada.

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ValueLegalBanned (1-year deferral)
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  • Status is not correct "Banned, but deferral is 3 months. Plasma donation will be legal for MSMs shortly (Canada-wide)."
  • Status is not correct "deferral of 3-month since last sexual contact with a man https://www.hema-quebec.qc.ca/sang/donneur-sang/puis-je-donner/homme-ayant-eu-une-relation-sexuelle-avec-un-homme.en.html "
  • Newer law has been passed "Has been reduced to 3 months deferral"
  • Status is not correct "Status is reduced from one year to three months. https://www.blood.ca/en/blood/am-i-eligible/about-msm"
  • Status is not correct "In Québec, gay men can donate blood after 3 months without sex with another men."

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