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IssueHomosexual activity
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DescriptionIn the Occupied Palestinian Territories, although the law does not provide any explicit protections for LGBTQ persons, there are no formal laws against same-sex sexual activities. It should be noted, however, that laws against “indecency” are sometimes used, on an irregular and unpredictable basis, to criminalize same-sex acts. Officially, consensual sexual activities in private between members of the same sex who are at least 15 years of age are not illegal. Laws against sexual assault, rape, and indecency apply equally, regardless of the sex of the parties involved. This is not to say life is "easy" for LGBTQ Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. However, the problems they face are not primarily legal in nature but pertain more to social and cultural circumstances.
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  • Status is not correct "Regularly enforced. British Mandate outdated "
  • Status is not correct "Specific law in Gaza 10 years min but most get death "
  • Status is not correct "Up to 10 years in prison in the Gaza strip. Under British Mandate criminal code Ordinance number. 74"
  • Status is not correct "Please see Amnesty International's 2020 report on Palestine (State of). Male same-sex sexual activity is criminalized pursuant to Section 152."
  • Status is not correct "Any sexual contact between the same sex is illegal and punishable by death in Gaza, something Hamas put down. I work with a LGBT rights group that gets people out because of that. "
  • Status is not correct "This page needs to distinguish between the West Bank and Gaza, which have de facto separate legal systems. Homosexual sex for men and women is LEGAL in the West Bank and ILLEGAL in Gaza due to an anti-sodomy law dating from the era of British rule. Please see the source from Amnesty International. https://www.amnesty.org/en/countries/middle-east-and-north-africa/palestine-state-of/report-palestine-state-of/"
  • Status is not correct

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