Entry #471: Right to change legal gender in Iceland

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IssueRight to change legal gender
StatusLegal, surgery not required
Start DateJun 18, 2019
End Datenow
DescriptionA new law has been passed that allows Icelandic people to change their resistered gender without medical interventions.

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ValueLegal, but requires surgeryLegal, surgery not required
Start Date2012-06-272019-06-18
NoteTherapy is required.A new law has been passed that allows Icelandic people to change their resistered gender without medical interventions.

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NoteTherapy requiredTherapy is required.
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  • Status is not correct "Legal"
  • Status is not correct "Getting your gender marker changed on the registry just requires applying online for the change and a processing fee. Getting HRT still requires going through the trans team and seeing a team of psychologists. https://grapevine.is/news/2019/06/19/iceland-passes-major-gender-identity-law-the-fight-is-far-from-over/"
  • Newer law has been passed "A gender autonomy act was passed last summer in Iceland's parliament, allowing anyone to change their gender marker in the national registry simply by filling out a form. The law included a third neutral gender marker option but the National Registry was given 18 months to implement it and it hasn't been implemented as of yet. https://www.icelandreview.com/news/icelands-gender-autonomy-act-is-a-step-forward-for-trans-and-intersex-rights/ https://icelandmonitor.mbl.is/news/politics_and_society/2019/06/21/gender_autonomy_act_applauded/ https://www.althingi.is/altext/149/s/1866.html"
  • Status is not correct "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_Iceland On 11 June 2012, the Icelandic parliament voted in a new law relaxing rules surrounding gender identity and allowing comprehensive recognition regarding recognition of acquired gender and enacting gender identity protections. These laws were enacted 27 June 2012. The laws state that the National University Hospital of Iceland (Icelandic: Landspítali - háskólasjúkrahús) is obligated to create a department dedicated to diagnosing gender dysphoria, as well as performing sex reassignment surgery (SRS). After successfully completing an 18-month process, including living 12 months in accordance their gender, applicants appear before a committee of professionals. If the committee determine that a diagnosis of GID is appropriate, the National registry is informed and the applicant chooses a new name to reflect their gender and are issued a new ID-number (kennitala) and ID. Sex reassignment surgery is not required for official name change and gender recognition."

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