Entry #205: Same-sex marriage in Israel

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IssueSame-sex marriage
StatusForeign same-sex marriages recognized only
Start DateNov 2006
End Datenow
Reports (6)
  • Newer law has been passed "a new law passed in 2021 legalizing same sex marriage across the country"
  • Sources are invalid or broken "BreitBartĀ® clicks, seriously? That dangerously-unreliable source is shamelessly-biased towards Israel, for the needs of its own target-audiences."
  • Status is not correct "it's legal"
  • All information is correct, just adding sources "Common-law marriage apply equally to heterosexual and homosexual couples according to various court rulings. http://www.newfamily.org.il/en/common-law-marriage/"
  • Status is not correct
  • Sources are invalid or broken

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