Entry #2016: Blood donations by MSMs in Poland

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IssueBlood donations by MSMs
Start Datepast
End Datenow
DescriptionNo restrictions on blood donations.
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  • Other "Transgender people on HRT cannot donate blood"

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Revision by aesper. Status incorrect again

Old Value New Value (Current)
ValueLegal with restrictionsLegal
DescriptionLegal with some restrictions.No restrictions on blood donations.
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Legal with some restrictions. No restrictions on blood donations.

Revision by Andrei. Better

Old Value (Original) New Value
ValueLegalLegal with restrictions
DescriptionNo restrictions about gay sex.Legal with some restrictions.
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No restrictions about gay sex. Legal with some restrictions.
Reports (1)
  • Status is not correct "People taking HRT are banned from donating blood (before and after legal sex change). It's due to policies about medicine intakes."

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