Entry #1935: LGBT employment discrimination in Spain

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IssueLGBT employment discrimination
StatusSexual orientation only
Start DateNov 23, 1995
End Datenow
DescriptionLey Orgánica núm. 10/1995, de 23 de noviembre, del Código Penal.
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  • All information is correct, just adding sources "It varies by region. Some regions have regulations put in place protecting gender identity as well. I live in Spain and now the law in Madrid protects gender identity as well, but an official source is https://www.stonewall.org.uk/system/files/spain_global_workplace_briefing_2018.pdf and while Wikipedia is not always reliable, it does say the exact regional differences in anti-discrimination laws in Spain."
  • Status is not correct "In article 5 of the 4/2018 Law it is explicitly stated that discrimination against gender identity is illegal. Source (in Spanish): https://www.boe.es/buscar/pdf/2018/BOE-A-2018-7154-consolidado.pdf"
  • Status is not correct "Trans people are discriminated in employement in Madrid too"
  • Status is not correct "In the source it says that employers can be punished with jail if they commit certain crimes against their employees. In subsection d) it states that one of the crimes is discrimination by sexual orientation, religion, etc. So what the source says is that you are protected against discrimination based on your sexual orientation."
  • Status is not correct "Belarus is not located in spain which is where the source claims it is legal to discriminate based on sexual orientation, as well as all the info I can find indicates it is illegal to discriminate or terminate employees based on their sexual orientation in Spain."
  • Status is not correct "What do you mean with Belarus? It doesn't belong to spain"

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