Entry #1815: LGBT housing discrimination in Japan

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IssueLGBT housing discrimination
StatusNo protections
Start Datepast
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DescriptionIn a 2008 report by the UN Human Rights Committee, they expressed concern about discrimination against LGBT people in several areas, including housing. According to Article 23(1) of Japan’s Public Housing Law, it only applies to married and unmarried different-sex couples. However, in October of 2012, the Japanese government stated that Article 23(1) was abolished and, therefore, same-sex partners were no longer excluded. However, the Human Rights Committee report states that in reality, "municipalities decide who can rent public houses under the amended Public Housing Law and few municipal policies allow same-sex couples to qualify. Thus, in practice same-sex couples remain excluded from public housing."
Sourceshttps://iglhrc.org/sites/default/files/Japan_Fact_Sheet.pdf http://iglhrc.org/sites/iglhrc.org/files/Japan_forUpload.pdf

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