Entry #1753: Same-sex adoption in Colorado

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IssueSame-sex adoption
Start DateAug 4, 2004
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DescriptionAny adults are permitted to petition jointly or individually before the court to request adoption, regardless of sexual orientation. §19-5-202. Second-parent adoption by same-sex couples is permitted per Colo. Rev. §19-5-203 et seq.
Sourceshttp://www.leg.state.co.us/clics2004a/csl.nsf/b404d50252f9cdcf85256d6d000d18cb/a22996294f4f584987256de1006978a0/$FILE/wptemp.txt www.lambdalegal.org/states-region/colorado §19-5-202 Colo. Rev. §19-5-203 et seq.

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