Entry #1668: Serving openly in military in Bahamas

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IssueServing openly in military
Start DateMay 8, 1998
End Datenow
DescriptionPresident of Bahamas made an announcement in 1998, explicitly supporting LGBTQ+ individuals to serve in the military
Sourceshttp://www.palmcenter.org/research/nations%20allowing%20service%20by%20openly%20gay%20people http://www.gaytoday.com/garchive/world/050898wo.htm
Reports (2)
  • Other "The Bahamas does not have a president which makes this statement rather suspect."
  • Status is not correct "I am a gay Bahamian and ashamed that it is illegal to be gay in the Bahamas. You can be put in prison for being openly gay! There are absolutely no rights protecting Homosexuality in the Bahamas! "

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